FishIsle: IGG in Social Games

FishIsle 1, a leader in Free2Play MMORPG development and publishing in the United States, announces its impending entrance into the fast growing Social Game market with its newest title – the brand new browser-based social game, FishIsle.

Unlike the masses of landlocked farming games on – such as Zynga’s Farmville and Slashkey’s Farm Town – whose themes revolve around on-land agriculture and farming, IGG’s new app will employ a fishing theme, in which players can traverse across the ocean in their own fishing boats and choose from a great variety of sea creatures at whim. The game will also utilize a 45-degree Birdseye perspective to offer more realistic visual depth, as well as potential for expansion and growth. Furthermore, IGG’s development team is working to unveil a brand new DIY system that is unavailable in any existing social farming game on Facebook.

In fact, FishIsle is just the first of 8 social games that IGG will launch over the next year, each with original themes that have been largely unexplored by existing applications. On top of this, IGG has an additional 18 large scale MMORPGs that have been in development over the past 2 years, of which at least 5 will be released in the next 3 months – and just in time for the holidays!
Besides unique in-game features and innovative designs, these new titles will greatly benefit from IGG’s 15 million strong registered user base and the company’s rich experience in large scale MMORPG design, development and publishing.

FishIsle 2 FishIsle 3

Facebook gamers should keep their eyes peeled for FishIsle’s initial launch in early November.


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