First novel based on Guild Wars series

NCsoft has announced the first novel based on the Guild Wars game series. It's called Ghosts of Ascalon and it has been written by Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb. Ghosts of Ascalon takes place one year prior to Guild Wars 2. Ghosts of Ascalon will definitely give readers a deeper understanding of the cataclysmic events that take place between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, but reading the book will not provide any gameplay advantage. It is simply a great way for people interested in the story of Guild Wars to delve deeper into the lore and characters of our world.

Matt Forbeck
Matt Forbeck has designed incredible roleplaying games such as Deadlands and The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, as well as miniatures games and board games like Genestealer. Matt is the former president of the Pinnacle Entertainment Group and has written novels, short fiction, comic books, computer game scripts--more stuff than we have space to mention!

Jeff Grubb
Award-winning author and game designer Jeff Grubb is one of the principal world builders for Guild Wars 2. He's written a dozen fantasy novels for properties such as WarCraft, Dragonlance, and Magic: The Gathering, and Jeff's roleplaying game design for TSR and Wizards of the Coast is the stuff of legend.

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