First news of Fallout Online

Interplay Entertainment announces the first newsletter from the official Fallout Online registration site.

"Mutants and non-mutants who registered at the Fallout Online site are starting to receive tales from the wastelands. Interested players who sign up are on the fast-track for beta-testing and get the added bonus of a free subscription to the pre-release electronic newsletter. (No additional flora will be harmed by the production of this newsletter.) Subscribers may end their participation at any time, again without cost or additional fees. We are just that kind and giving.

Interplay’s Fallout Online is a massively multiplayer RPG set in the award-winning and best-selling Fallout universe. Player characters roam the desert wastes, the radiation-blasted mountain tops, and the mutated forests of the post-apocalyptic world - a land where decisions have consequences and there are multiple solutions to every challenge. Players can decide to participate in the rebuilding of this broken land, seek the adrenaline pumping pleasure of conquest and destruction, or just go launch anvils and ride the merry-go-round."

The registration site is available at the official website.

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