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Black Desert - first look - En

We have had the opportunity to try this week the closed beta of the Korean MMORPG Black Desert; the game set in a fantasy realm will come to our shores at some point in the near future, but this is a mere speculation because we have no idea when we’re going to see this title here... however, that's why we invite you to take a look at the video below, which will surely convince you that the wait will be worth it.

The testing we had access to, whilst we were privileged to get the chance to be involved, was rather frustrating because the game is in a very early phase in the testing phase. One of the biggest problems (but not the only part as we mention in the video) is that the game is not translated, and is only available in Korean.

We had a snapshot idea of what the menus were about thanks to some translated screenshots we were provided, but in general we were walking blind, unable to complete missions because we were not able to understand nothing of what we were being asked to do. Therefore we take this opportunity to do a little PvE, explore, and unintentionally participate in a PvP battle.

Combat is pretty action based were you can do some combos using different attacks, and you have to hit your enemies and dodge their attacks manually; and there is an element of third person shooter as you have to vaguely aim with your targeting reticule. The combat is fast and relatively polished,and whilst we only got to sample what was available as a newbie, its easy to predict that the combat system has a lot of potential.

We spend most of our time exploring and visiting the starting areas, and we can say that the atmosphere, as you can see in the video, is very compelling. You can see glittering sea waves and dense fog in the swamps. The attention to detail is remarkable and is without a doubt is spectacular, even if the graphics aren't the most spectacular seen in a game, very few MMOs will touch Black Desert for its sheer world building efforts.

As we couldn’t quest we did manage to take in quite a bit of the world, including accidentally stumbling upon an open PvP area which was on the outskirts of a town. From what we could tell there was no warnings and we were quickly butchered (but not before getting a few hits in ourselves) but it was a relief to see a more exciting PvP mechanic in the game.

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  1. Crossfire

    looks promising, needs a few tweeks 😀

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