Firefall is going to unveil its next phase at the Gamescom

Red 5 Studios is going to unveil the next phase for its sandbox open-world shooter Firefall, at the Gamescom. The game will be entering Stage 2 of Open Beta, after a succesful Stage 1 stress testing.

In addition, starting at Gamescom, Red 5 Studios will also be having a final sale on Firefall Starter Packs, offering a 25% percent discount on the $100 Starter Pack. Red 5 will be discontinuing the packs permanently when the sale ends, Aug. 31.

Firefall screenshots19

We’re finally ready to unveil the exciting next concept for Firefall’s new stage of Open Beta. Players can expect that Firefall will once again push the envelope with MMOs,” said Mark Kern, CEO and founder of Red 5 Studios. “We’ve hinted at this feature in the past, but this is the first time we are ready to unveil all the details of this exciting new step for Firefall. The best part is that players will directly have a hand in shaping this new phase while playing the game. It’s a game changer for shooters, let alone MMOs

Kern added, “Players asked for Starter Packs to help support Firefall, and they were great. But now that we are transitioning to Stage 2 of Open Beta, we feel that they are no longer needed, and our efforts will be focused on new in-game cosmetic and convenience products. At Gamescom, we will be announcing two new major products for sale within the game that I am very excited to finally hand over to Firefall fans.

Source of information: Red 5 Studios press release


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