Firefall announces its final public Beta Weekend test

Firefall has announced that its final public Beta Weekend test is going to begin this Friday, June 7, and will be the game last event before its July 9 Open Beta. This Beta Weekend features three days of free access to the game, a special contest for high-end gaming gear and a unique community unlock, the Infiltrator Nightvision Goggles.

During the public Beta Weekend test Red 5 is looking for a fresh round of feedback on Firefall’s latest features and content. Testers will find an improved Chosen invasion targeting the open world, exciting new locations and dynamic missions, revamped progression and crafting systems, new Battleframe abilities and more. With Firefall’s final Closed Beta milestone hitting in July, this will be everyone’s best opportunity to influence the upcoming Open Beta launch.

Information source: Red 5 Studios press release.

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