Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Expansion Launching on June 20

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Final Fantasy XIV will launch its second expansion, Stormblood, on June 20 in North America, Europe and Japan. Those who wish to can pre-order this new expansion starting January 24. Stormblood will introduce a new class, new zones, new gameplay mechanics, a new beast tribe and a new raids.

The main theme song for this expansion will be compose by the legendary composer Nobou Uematsu.

Stormblood will see the arrival of a new job: the red mage, a ranged magic dps who wields a rapier and a magicked crystal. It's a very mobile attacker and has the ability to link spells.

The expansion will also introduce new gameplay mechanics. Players will be able to swim and dive, entering rivers, lakes and seas in both new and existing areas. Underwater areas will feature new gathering locations and NPC interaction.


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