Fifteen years of OGame

Browser-based galaxy strategy game OGame has been online since 2002 and has enthralled over 70 million players in 32 languages on 500 servers worldwide. The title is one of the first German free-to-play games, and was also the founding block upon which the history of Gameforge AG was built, today one of the biggest companies within the German games industry. “OGame made us what we are today. Our community played a tremendous role in this and we are very grateful” said Alexander Rösner, company founder and Gameforge CEO.

In honor of this occasion, the company is initiating special events within the game on a weekly basis for the duration of the anniversary month. This will enable players to discover Dark Matter (premium currency) in debris fields or acquire special objects within the realms of their expeditions. In addition, active players will be granted the premium features of the Officers for a limited time. This hands them a lot of advantages – including an increased production rate and a higher research speed.

Special servers start on October 4th, marking the day, each with limited-time event universes where the players can face each other in the pursuit of dominance in space. The event servers, which will be offered in some European languages as well as in English for the international environment, provide every player the chance to fight their way to the top 10 and in doing so, claim some top-dollar prizes for themselves.
Alongside all this, a game element from an older version of OGame is being revived: Players will be able to head out on raids much more quickly and in doing so, test out new tactics in battle. This is targeted predominantly at the community veterans. Additionally, the OGame team has chosen the perfect moment to fulfil a long-time community wish: a Spreadshirt shop is in planning, where all kinds of merchandising will be available, including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, cell cases, mousepads and much more.


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