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Free to play RPG


Web Browser




Felspire is a classic Asian free to play RPG filled with PVP and PVE features as players journey across and beyond a fantasy world in an attempt to bring down the evil forces that would destroy it. With three character classes and gear customization players will be able to grow in power and take on a wide variety of challenges that will reward them with valuable prizes.


  • Three classes to choose from

  • Acquire loot gear and refine it

  • Earn wings and your own mount

  • Collect Pets and train them as companions

  • Engage in PVP and Guild vs Guild battles

  • Take on Solo and Party Dungeons

  • Browser based gameplay

  • Completely free to play


The game focuses on players advancing the core storyline by completing quests for notable NPCs in the world of Eremos, who will send the player into the most dangerous and darkest locations in an attempt to put an end to the rise of the evildoers that lurk in the darkness. By completing quests players will level up, acquire gear and unlock various features that can improve their Combat Power, a direct representation of how strong the individual player is in comparison to their other player rivals. Attaining a high Combat Power rating is one of the core goals in Felspire and many of the features and mechanics revolve around allowing players to increase it through various means.


The Felspire is an ancient monument of endless power, a dark obsidian tower that stands mysteriously in the lands of Eremos it has enticed men for as long as it has stood. Believed by some to power the world, and others to allow travel into the underworld, there are now dark plans to try and use the Felspire to combine the world of Mortals and that of the Catacombs where the dead and demons dwell. Champions must now rise to protect the world from chaos and its ultimate end.


There are three available classes to choose from:

  • Mage – a powerful magic user who summons forth lightning, ice and fire to use as deadly ranged area attack spells against enemies and sow devastation on the battlefield to those evil beings that would stand against them

  • Archer – said to be able to spot a target from one thousand miles and never misses a strike with their long range bow, this skilled bowman is agile and strikes with a deadly precision that will end an opponent before they even see him coming

  • Warrior – a physically strong frontline knight, this heavily armored fighter has strong defenses and is more than capable of protecting teammates that he has sworn to stand alongside, using his martial prowess to dominate his foes

Each of the three classes has their own unique skill that can be utilized in battle, acquiring new abilities as they level up each class focuses on raising different stats to make them formidable fighters either solo or as part of a team.


The game allows players to work through its content relatively unaccompanioned, going into an AFK/Automated mode whenever players are idle the game will run players around, talk to NPCs and skip through dialogue to pick up quests, kill any quest enemies, pick up loot and sell unneeded item, then hand in quests and head to the next area. Players can turn this feature off at any time and be more hands on if they wish.


Players will unlock a variety of features and event as they level up through the game; the events are a great source of loot and specific materials usually needed to Refine and Boost gear to make it even stronger (thereby increasing stats and ultimately the players Combat Power rating). There are some events only available during set hours in the day, others require unique items before areas can be accessed, and some require players to be in a Guild to participate. The various events, as well as general loot for participation, can often yield some of the greatest player rewards for the overall champions.


Internet Browser


Website: Felspire

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