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Inplay Interactive


This free to play first person MMO shooter takes place after the events of FEAR 2: Project Origin, the popular single player game from the FEAR series that follows the events of the powerful Armacham Technology Corporation and their disturbing science projects. This fast-paced action packed MMO allows players to team up with each other in cooperative PVE or competitive team based PVP combat, playing through a variety of game modes over a number of different maps.


  • Continue the story and find out what happens next in the F.E.A.R. series

  • Fight against intelligent AI in two different PVE modes

  • Engage in PVP over various game modes and maps

  • Customise your character and equip them with powerful weapons and gear

  • Free to play MMO


When Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) were attacked by an army of Replica soldiers at the command of Paxton Fettel the government sent in the first FEAR squad to bring Fettel in as well as a Delta squad to capture Genevieve Aristide, President of the ATC. During the assault FEAR armed a new killer explosion that managed to wipe out half of Fairport city, the resulting destruction releasing unknown subjects from the ATC’s shady projects into the city.

The ATC tried to cover up the incident, killing witnesses and recovering research whilst fighting back the threats that there research had released onto the populous. In response the government has now sent out a new black Ops force made up with troops possessing psionic powers; the [Redacted]. This group is now tasked with bringing an end to the ATC, recovering the research for themselves and the result is war between the two factions.


The two primary factions within the game are the ATC and the [Redacted], players can create a number of different characters within the game, each of which can be customised with a variety of different weapons, gear and armour.

  • The ATC – The black Ops team hired by Armacham Technology Corporation tasked with covering up the proof that cloak and dagger research experiments were happening within the primary Fairport laps prior to its destruction. These elite and mercenary is a higher are now pitted against the paranormal [Redacted] forces as well as fighting against any of the supernatural threats that have arisen after the nuclear explosion

  • The [Redacted] - This elite tactical unit is comprised of soldiers that are in the possession of psionic abilities, giving them the edge in combat they are a dangerous threat to the ATC black Ops troops that they have been sent to hunt down as well as recovering research of the goings on at the now destroyed Fairport Armacham facility.


There are a variety of different modes that players can enjoy, both PVP and PVE focused games:

  • [PvE] Scenario - players must work as a team and traverse the entire map and the complete scenario centred around the Subway Panic map

  • [PvE] Escape - players must head from safe zone to saves own box trying to outrun a fire that rages through a facility, if the fire reaches the player then they die instantly

  • [PvP] Team Deathmatch - a classic team death match putting ATC and [Redacted] players against each other, scoring points with each enemy kill and the first team to reach a set number of kills wins with five different maps to choose from

  • [PvP] Team Demolition - attacker versus defender in team based combat where players must attack or defend a particular target in a set time limit to win the round and can be played on either the Airport or Venice maps

  • [PvP] Armored Front - two teams fight on the Assembly map trying to fight each other for control of strategic points, the winner in the team that seizes all the points

  • [PvP] Knife Fight - and exciting twist on the classic team deathmatch where players are only able to use their melee knife, a one-hit kill strike making for fast paced combat on the Downfall map

  • [PvP] Soul King - a unique map where a single player takes on the form of a ghostly apparition who unlock’s new powers by possessing other players, hunting each of them down until only one remains


  • Operating System: Win XP/ Vista / 7

  • Processor: Pentium 4 3.2GHz

  • Memory: 1GB

  • Graphics: GeForce 6600 GT 512MB

  • Sound: DirectX Compatible


Website: F.E.A.R Online

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