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Roadhouse Interactive


Internet browser


Family Guy Online is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG inspired by the animation Family Guy TV Show.


The story involves around what the Animated TV Series seemingly deliver, while there some difference from the TV series. The game’s characters are fully under control.

You can create your own citizen, terrorize Spooner Street with your friends, and interact with your favorite show characters, quest for what you feel interested in, or ideally, you can even walk your dog alongside the way.


- Great graphics thanks to the 3D Unity Engine.
- Based on Family Guy series.
- Classes based on the main characters of Family Guy
- Become a Citizen of Quahog!
- Persistent world with nine different zones to explore.
- Comical items and skills to use.
- Mini-episodes and bonus show content.


Chris and Meg Class
The Chris Class / Meg Class is a “Melee DPS” Fighter style class with moderate defense against attacks, and at times can do massive damage.

Lois Class
The Lois Class a “Healer” or “Support” class which can still hold their own in a fight, what they’re best known for is their ability to give support to other members in a party, such as restoring health of dying party members, increasing or buffing stats of party members, and more.

Stewie Class
The Stewie Class is a “Ranged DPS” class which has the ability to attack from distances and move around during battle much more than other classes. Where this class exceeds in ranged attacks, it lacks in defensive capability, and can usually not handle taking as much damage as some of the other classes.

Peter Class
The Peter Class is the “Tank” class, having very high defense, being able to withstand more attacks than other classes and take much more damage.

Brian (Purchased at the Shop)
The Brian Class is similar to the “Rogue” class in other MMO’s. This class is “Sneakier” than other classes, meaning they won’t be detected by enemies or aggravate enemies as easily as other classes. Can do some damage, but not the class you want out front and center during a group battle.


Family Guy Online features a shop where players have the opportunity to customize their characters with a wide selection of clothes, consumables, and skills. Players can purchase military camo shorts, miniskirts, dark pink fishnet, bear underwear, green sneakers or brown snail. In addition Brian character class can also be purchased in the shop.


Internet connection + web browser

Website: Family Guy Online

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