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Developed by Hunted Cow Studios for internet browsers.


Fallen Sword is a browser-based continuously evolving massively multiplayer roleplay game where you join players across the globe in a world of fantasy and adventure. Traverse vast areas ranging from the Misty Mountains to the mighty City of Xinderoth and beyond. You will battle countless creatures such as Dragons, Zombie Kings, Undead Warriors, Giant Scorpions and defeat them to gain powerful items to arm yourself with as you walk the realms in search of adventure and glory.

You will also be able to engage in combat with other players, become a bounty hunter, craft and create your own items, and engage in countless quests. You are also able to join one of many thousands of player-created guilds where you can meet like minded players and team up to defeat champion and elite creatures. Guilds can store or borrow items and construct guild structures giving its members considerable advantage, strengthening the player to face the horrors found in the world of Fallen Sword.


The ancient world of Erildath consists of four world realms; The North Lands of Eredas where Eribor, a mighty human fortress sits guarding the valley pass. Eribor is home to Iluthar, the Sword of Light. The East Lands of Mora is home to the Elven race along with dark mercenaries. The West Lands of Eagos is home to the magnificent dwarven citadel Mitoa. Finally, the Withered Lands in the south, bastion to the forces of darkness.

Legend tells of ancient times where humans waged an everlasting war against the hordes of darkness that emerged from the deep south, locked in bitter conflict to ensure their lasting freedom against the ruthless Shadow Lord. From his magnificent Ice Fortress of Mogroth, the Shadow Lord began amassing an army that would bring the forces of order to their knees.

The Shadow Lord devised a major campaign that would divide the united forces of light. A massive army of mercenaries were dispatched to lay siege to the Elven fortress Lanslil in the East Lands of Mora. Meanwhile, the Shadow Lord had dispatched five legions of greenskin warriors to invade the West Lands of Eagos, burning and pillaging every village and town they encountered before arriving at Mitoa where they finally laid siege to the mighty dwarven Citadel that stood there.

Taking advantage of the distracted state of the elven and dwarven armies, the Shadow Lord launched a final siege against the human Fortress of Eribor in the North Lands of Eredas, home of Iluthar, the Sword of Light, where five thousand humans along with six hundred dwarves and two hundred elves rallied against the opposing two hundred thousand greenskins that had slowly poured through the Liwen Valley. The seemingly endless ranks of greenskins assembled before the Fortress of Eribor on the fields of Erila. It was on these fields where the free people of Erildath witnessed the fall of Eribor and with it the fall of Iluthar, the Sword of the Light. The absence of Iluthar has enabled the Shadow Lord to unleash his hellish terrors upon the world of Erildath.

Some claim the Shadow Lord hid the sword deep beneath his Fortress in the Withered Lands. Others say the Sword was hidden deep within the Dark Forests of Eagos, the West Lands, lair of the Ice Dragons and home to Edalir, the Dwarf King.

The sword remains hidden to this day, leaving the fate of Erildath still undecided.


Join one of 2000+ guilds currently active in the game, or create and manage your own guild! Strengthen your guild by constructing one of many guild structures to increase the stats of all your guild members.

Auction off items you have gained through player trades, quest rewards or creature drops! Alternatively use the comprehensive auction search feature to find higher quality equipment for your character!

Start your journey across the world of Erildath, travel through more than eighty different realms from the Forgotten Forests to the Undying Lands!

Gain skill and level up points by gaining experience. You can then assign these points to one of many player skills and statistics available.


Internet connection.

Website: Fallen Sword

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Fallen Sword game

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8 Comentarios de Fallen Sword

  1. grendeldog

    On the internet superhighway fallensword is the rest stop with port a pottys that are not stocked with paper or regularly cleaned out,,, most people stop there because they think they have no other choice but visiting only leaves you feeling tainted and smelling like the waste of hundreds of people who came there before you.. Pass it by

  2. pvp’r

    that why you still play grendel? you constantly trash the game and all the players in it not to mention you flamed the forums so bad you were banned for your inappropriate behavior. because you cant have your cake and eat it to your going to flame and trash a very good game? im sory you cant make a profit from every new thing HCS put out.

  3. benzoate

    A bit of a schizoid, are you, grendeldog. PvPer is right, you tend to flame on any in-game criticism of FS. The game is fun, but brutally distinguished by the PvPing aspect of the game. Unlike other MMORPG games, you cannot opt out of PvPing — all players are targets of the determined PvPer. Many don’t like that they can be brutally hit and their gold stolen — and lose levels. It accounts greatly for the loss of membership. Too bad, though, because the in-game chat is more than adequate and can make for some fun exchanges with your player-friends. PvPing is the emphasis of the game, and the play in this regard is tilted greatly towards the PvPer. The PvPers have exploited any attempts to bring some balance to the PvP portion of the game. There is no “fair-fight” for the non-PvPer in this this. Bullying, “flaming” players, etc… if you like that or can tolerate it, then FS may be for you… if not, find another game to spend your money on.

  4. jhenry

    Fallen Sword used to be a decent game but the game developer (HCS) have pretty much run it into the ground. For a long while now their main point point to game upgrades seems to be profit, with little regard to gameplay. That and a serious bias for some players, and against others, is a big problem. And their feed back forum is anything but. If your comments are anything but agreeable with the developers whims they get deleted.

    I played this game for years and have been sadly watching it go downhill. I would not recommend it any more.

  5. gaingreen

    *Not a game for the casual player, or new players: you are open to attack *even while offline*, and are often farmed during this time for the gold and experience you’ve earned.
    *Game is laggy and generally poor performing. Some technical issues the game developers can’t seem to fix means the site is often offline, or unplayable…leading to my final comment:
    *The ‘game news’ section excitably talks about their moving more so into the mobile gaming market, adding to the appearance they’re just doing the minimum to keep money flowing in for a few more months.

  6. jumli

    So boring! I can’t believe how many people actually play this game for years and log in everyday. Its shit. Shit gameplay, shit graphics, shit storyline and shit developers.

  7. jumli

    also has no music or sound whatsoever, what kind of a game has no sound? Obviously developers deemed it too expensive or they didn’t really give a shit.

  8. gapukas565

    Iv’e played this game for years until recently. The game itself is good, however the game has slowly died over the years since nothing in this game gets fixed other than bugs/game mechanics that may benefit the players. In a nutshell this game is the hunted cow’s main profit game used to fund their other games that have failed misreably – their just milking it as long as they can and when their mobile app gets finished within a year or two that will also help to that cause. The community has made tons of suggestions to improve the game, none have been implemented – Players use a third party browser addon to compensate for the incompetence of the developers giving players additional choices and comforts in the game. The worse thing besides the lack of updates is the game community manager that will ban you over the smallest things you do – Kind of feels like a dictatorship and they always bring out the fact that you dont own an account in their game, your just playing an account that the hunted cow company owns. Lots of people have been banned from this game when they start stating out that we need updates and fixes – many have also quit since nothing changes and the game grows boring with nothing to do. So if your looking for a game that doesnt get any content updates/fixes and could get banned over everything you do then this is it for you.

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