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Developed by Illusory Studios for Windows.


Faldon is a graphical multiplayer RPG with an isometric view. Obviously, this game is a little off the beaten but it has been around for a number of years. The game continues today with developers and players frequently interacting with each other in the forums. For example, a developer or a gamemaster will usually respond somewhere in a thread that a player starts. You will not find that type of interaction in a major MMO. Do not expect graphics like those in major MMOs either. Instead, Faldon offers an old school RPG experience with fun features such as houses that players can rent for gold each day, a zoo to keep various pets, and a jail. Hardcore RPGers will also find a plethora of skills and spells to experiment and tinker with so expect a game with basic graphics, but also one with very deep game play.


- Isometric view.

- 2D graphics.

- Uses both keyboard and mouse to play.

- No safe zones from monsters.

- Huge number of skills and spells.

- Player-owned homes.

- Pets can be stored in a zoo.

- Character transfers allowed between accounts.

- Very accessible development staff.

- Stat rests can be bought.

- Characters can go to jail.

- Contests for developers.


Faldon offers both a free account and a premium account. A free account is known as a Peasants account and can be upgraded to a Citizen's account for $5 a month. The Citizen account allows for several perks such as no skill cap, character transfers between accounts, and more zoo space for pets.


P75, Win 9x, 24Mb RAM

Website: Faldon Online

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Faldon Online game

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2 Comentarios de Faldon Online

  1. Royal

    Don’t even attempt this game, I’ve been playing for over a decade expecting something good to come of it and it’s just a big storm of neglect abuse and exploitation. This is the first game I’ve seen to use a chat mods, chat filters, auto mutes, and safe zones every where. This game used to thrive on violence and vulgarity, but recently the owner “found god” apparently and is taking everything anti religion or offensive in any way out…. and failing miserably. There are huge lists of derogatory terms for hebrew and other religions but everything christian related has been censored. If you want to play a game where the most active player is a game master who plays favorites and give his buddies all they want while you (possibly a paying customer) will get shit on. This game has not had a major update in at least 8 years. The projected “new client” which was supposed to be released years ago is still in it’s infancy. I for one wanted it to blow up but the more i play the more i see the owners don’t care… neither should you. If you like cheating, play faldon… no repercussions for cheating what so ever, as long as your not afk u can do what ever u want, packet edit, edit values, edit the actual client… they are so dumb they can’t detect or punish you for it. Be expected to lose everything you’ve gained once u get into, someone there will rip you off and the game masters could watch it happen… and still not do shit about it. This game is so ass back wards it’s a surprise anyone still plays it. OH… and if you like Brazilians online… faldon is for you, they are there everywhere harassing and begging everyone for their stuff, come join that fun. Good points on this game are…. hmmm no lvl cap? wait no u can cheat your way to the top of that… oh yea the over 100 skills… dozens bugged and don’t even raise… lets see… oh melee… 3 hits and u can kill someone 3 times your level, bows hit 10x as hard as any melee weapon and can easily one shot most players. Mages… lmfao… mages are rare… there is only like 1 great mage and a couple ok mages… all cause the scaling of spells doesn’t scaled like a warriors strength so it’s very unbalanced. Basically… if u got the right cheats or know how the game lags and pretty much just aware of how big a piece of crap it is, you might do ok. ALL IN ALL… i wouldn’t play just to let it die cause that’s what the owner needs to see. His shit failing, it is failing but he never looks at it. Neglected to the max… server crash can mean a whole week offline and they don’t even compensate the down time for the time you paid. Pay the right GM and u can get anything u want as well. If that alone isn’t enough to either make you say “wow what a piece of shit nvm” or “yea i wanna cheat and piss ppl off” then try it, i promise u will not be surprised.

  2. Frosty

    Daaaaaaaaaaammn man, it’s not THAT bad, come on. As a new player, it’s a fantastic game. You just run out of stuff to do after a while, which in reality is a long while.
    Anyway, anybody reading this, come check it

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