Exclusive video from the closed beta of Guild Wars 2, that shows the human capital, Divinity’s Reach

Enjoy this exclusive video that our team has taken this weekend in the closed beta of Guild Wars 2. The video shows a tour that shows the human capital, Divinity's Reach.

Divinity's Reach is the capital of Kryta and home for the humans. Members of all races of humanity live here, some of whom have been exiled or are unable to return to their homelands. Built on Divinity Coast, in the province of Shaemoor, it is described as "a breathtaking monument of white parapets and high, pale towers". The royal family and Senators rule from here. It became the capital when the surfacing of Orr flooded Lion's Arch, the previous capital. It has become the bastion to human civilization and culture and is defended by the Seraph.

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