Exclusive video from the closed beta of Guild Wars 2, that shows some WvWvW action

Today we publish this exclusive video that our team has taken this weekend in the closed beta of Guild Wars 2. The video shows some WvWvW action. World versus World (also known as WvW, WvWvW, World PvP, and Casual PvP) is a Player versus Player game mode where three servers, or worlds, are matched against each other to compete for rewards and resources that can potentially benefit their respective server. Matches are held on random, large-scale maps that allow hundreds of players of all levels to participate at any time.

World PvP is intended as a casual form of PvP, designed to be a more relaxed bridging point between PvE and structured PvP. The idea is that players of any level or PvP experience can not only participate, but make an impact with how they play.

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