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Nosgoth - Review - EN


Graphics: 7
Gameplay: 7
Sound: 7

Overall: 7

Pros: Nice diversity of customisable classes with their own abilities and gear.

Cons: Gameplay a bit difficult at the beginning, with some things not immediately evident, how to heal yourself, for example.


We were lately offered closed beta access to Nosgoth, a team-based action shooter MMO from Square-Enix, and of course leaped at the chance to try out this fast-paced team deathmatch game, taking part in some frantic humans vs. vampire battles. Due to its top-notch visuals and the fact that this title feels in deed like an AAA game, we’ve got to say right from the start that this free-to-play experience is well worth trying it out. Still in closed beta test, Nosgoth seems to be getting ready for an open testing phase.

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When entering the MMO, you are confronted with 4 major tabs: the news section announces what is going on regarding the game and its beta test as well as newly introduced items that are continuously added; the profile provides players with an outline of how they’ve performed with each faction’s diverse classes, indicating their player rank, the individual rank for each class as well as general stats, their score, kills, time played with that particular class. In the armoury section, players are able to get an impression of every class plus a description of their abilities, check out weapons, gear and abilities they have at their disposal as well as all cosmetic skins they are using (some not being available yet). And the inventory finally allows a precise overview of the entirety of gear and items players have already gained for their various classes.

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Upon pushing the play button, you get to decide for either a Standard Team Deathmatch or a New Recruit Team Deathmatch (only available to players ranked 10 or below). Each mode consists of a 4 vs. 4 match, while there was an additional Siege mode we were unable to select. We therefore entered the Team Deathmatch lobby, not being sure whether this was the normal or the newbie one, and waited for the teams to be filled with other players at random. When entering a queue, you will be randomly assigned either the vampire or the hunter team and allowed to select one of the 3 available classes and organise your loadout, which you have to stick with for the entire match.

We decided for the Reaver to start out, a swift and agile character able to use stealth but slightly lacking in defences. Not having unlocked any useful items yet, our loadout was all but comfortable. However, our primary ability enabled us to charge up and unleash a pounce attack to pin down far-off opponents to the ground, inflicting huge damage all over the screen. Whether the player’s attack hits or not is determined by the direction they are facing and the point they are targeting, which requires some twitch-based skills as there isn’t any auto attack available.

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It was quite fun and a thrilling experience to take on the role of a vampire able to swarm up walls and thrusting themselves on unsuspicious humans. As they are a bit weaker regarding their defences, we often waited in a higher position for a victim to pass by to then throw ourselves upon them.

Your team receives XP and points for each killed opponent and has to reach a certain score before the time is up and the round over and won by the others. Then, the roles switch and those who played as humans take over the vampire role and vice versa. So, it was our time to go as a human and we opted for the ranged Hunter who, with his explosive shots and bolas from a giant crossbow, very much differed from the melee-oriented Reaver, and admittedly was much more difficult to play.

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Nosgoth truly emphasises team-based play and those who stick together seem to make up the best teams. If isolated humans find themselves cordoned off by several vampires or similarly a single vampire has to face a band of human hunters, they won’t have the slightest chance. A great tactical twist to the title is the difference in how both factions restore their health. While vampires can recover by killing their human hunters, the later have to discover medical stations throughout the map. The visuals are really well made with multiple neat details, e.g. bricks that break away from a wall climbed up by a vampire. Developers also succeeded in providing interesting map environments and terrains full of opportunities to attack your human foes from the shadows as well as small niches to take cover in and lure your vampire opponent into a bottle neck.

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