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Goodgame Empire - Review - ENToday we are going to analize Goodgame Empire, the new Flash-based browser strategy and management MMO from Goodgame Studios. In this title the players will have to build their own castles, complete quests, earn resources and train their own army to expand their territory conquering AI and rival players’ castles. Being a browser title, the game is very accessible; and thanks to the tutorial of the game you will learn all you need to master the game quickly and easily.

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At the beginning you're going to be guided through the game by several NPCs that act as advisors for the different game features, knowledge that you will have to apply to progress through the game. Being honest, the game is simple enough to not need these advisers, but they add a nice touch to the story element of the game. That said, was the game itself is easy to pick up it does seem to be ram packed with features, many of which are locked at later levels giving constant milestones to work towards.

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The first levels are nothing more than a stream of quests getting is to place down different buildings and explaining their uses. Although it was not the most rewarding gaming experience, the quests discovered us several functions and features which you need to use to progress. Build resource gathering buildings, dwellings to increase your populous, decorative elements to keep the populace happy after your tax them of their coin, expanding your borders and raising the beginnings of your army.

The user interface is very clean and functional, which shows that although the game does not aspire to be a revolutionary MMO, focuses on doing a good work, which really brings the gaming experience that players expect to get from this kind of game.

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As you go climbing levels, you are going to be able to train various types of troops and send them to storm the nearby castles controlled by AI enemies, a simple task that will provide you with resources and experience. At this point it is possible to attack other players, but in doing so you will lose your rookie protection, which is not recommended because you won’t have good enough defences to hold back any one who sees you as overly aggressive. Another way to stop new players terrorising veterans is the troop requirement to attack castles, the bigger the Castle, the higher the level of player the more troops that are needed as a prerequisite to launching an attack, without meeting this number of troops we found that attacking just simply impossible. Fortunately we discovered it at the level 5, when we tried to attack a player of level 20...

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As you progress through the game, you will unlock new features likenew quests, lootable treasure chests and a variety of other systems that do their best to keep players engaged and returning to the game to claim regular rewards. Compared to other titles in the genre, Goodgame Empire is a very complete and polished title,and is definitely something to consider if looking for a casual yet competitive style strategy MMO.


  • Graphics: 7

  • Gameplay: 6

  • Sound: 6

  • The Good: For a flash based game it achieves what it sets out to do; colourful, simple but elegant it has a nice style to the graphics and easy to pick up gameplay

  • The Bad: Doesn't exactly break the mold and is yet another rather uninspiring castle building strategy game like so many more on the market

Overall: 6

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