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Rage War - Preview - EN

We thought it a good idea to tell you about Rage War, a recently announced cross-platform project currently under development at XS Software, which will be prospectively available for Andriod and iOS devices as well as web browsers. The company has already delivered some less known MMOs but also a few pretty well-known browser-based titles, such as Nemexia and Khan Wars.

Rage War came into sight and caught our attention first and foremost because of the passionate and humorous way the developers talk about their game. You gather the impression that creating the MMO is a game itself for them, which is an approach to development we perfectly respect, strongly believing in the necessity of the developers being gamers themselves and people who know what fun is in order to create a good game.

Rage War Overview

Players will start their gaming experience as the head of a small Stone Age settlement, whose task will be to make this little village prosper across the different ages to become a colossal castle and a vast metropolis. To make this happen, they will plan and customise their settlement using a grid-based city structure. They will additionally be able to set up their very own army consisting of different military units become a shrewd trading master.

The developers assure to provide all the features that players have got used to over the years through numerous strategic browser titles, e.g. a marketplace, comprehensive research trees, quest-based campaigns as well as social features to allow players to help or do battle against their friends. They also plan on enhancing all these popular features by getting rid of the tedious aspects to deliver an incomparable strategy experience. Pretty self-assured folks, aren’t they?

The battle system also proclaims itself as being innovative and all-new. From what we got to know by now, they essentially broke away from the usual turn-based real-time combat systems frequently incorporated in browser MMOs, choosing to generate a "reverse tower defence" system for Rage War. Players will be able to engage in "attack battles" and "defence battles", setting up traps and defensive structure when under attack, and dispatching their troops in several waves in the offensive mode.

Rage War Build Menu

Furthermore, developers declare to have "pushed the boundaries on incorporating stunning graphics and unique art style not seen in a browser-based MMORPG game before."

They certainly know how to promote their creation. However, we've seen a lot of false advertising and empty promises on other games' websites before and players peculiarly seem to not be that passionate about this sort of things once having jumped into the game to have a reality check. Does this mean Rage War developers are overshooting the mark? Or will we actually see one of the best strategic browser titles ever? One thing is certain, we can't wait to put our hands on the game to find it out.


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