Exclusive Interview with Viktor Baramov the Game Producer of Andromeda 5

Today we invite you to take a look at this exclusive interview to Viktor Baramov the Game Producer of Andromeda 5 about the game and its features.

Below you can see the answers that he gave to us.

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First of all, thank you for giving us the possibility to interview you about Andromeda 5.
Would you be so kind to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Viktor Baramov and I have more than 3 years of experience as a Game Producer in the industry. I’m working on Andromeda 5 for more than a year now and it has been a really exciting and challenging experience.

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First of all, how would you describe Andromeda 5 to someone who has never heard of it before?

Key facts: Sci-Fi, 3D, MMORPG, cross-platform. What are you waiting for?

Andromeda 5 gives you the opportunity to live your dream as a great leader of your faction, in open space, and to face thousands of other players from all over the world.

You’ll take part in the game story as the main protagonist, who goes on an adventure to save his kidnapped comrade and to punish the attackers. The further you progress, the bigger the secrets you’ll discover about the other characters.

Upon finishing the quest chain, you’ll already have developed your own career among the stars, seeking new comrades to join you and eventually form a Guild, which will represent you in the epic, open PvP war of factions.

What’s the most unique feature of Andromeda 5?

The first thing that comes to mind is the Extraction points in the PvP galaxies. They represent giant mining stations, which are harvesting a very special and rare material, called Ultralibrium. As you might guess, that’s highly valuable resource for individual players and especially for Guilds. So whoever controls these stations, gains the precious material and thus gains power. And that’s where the big fight begins.

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Why do you think we love space so much?

Who doesn’t like Darth Vader or Captain Kirk? The Sci-Fi theme has been a part of the world of entertainment for a very long time and has a lot of fans all over the world. It’s very interesting, because it focuses on the future of mankind and its amazing technological progress. I believe we all want to travel freely through open space, some day and discover new worlds, so it’s not a surprise that this easily takes-up a big portion of the human imagination. Also, space represents infinity; therefore the possibilities for power and greatness are limitless. Think big!

How big is the in-game universe of Andromeda 5?

Currently our Universe consists of more than 20 galaxies, numerous instances and continues to grow every single day. So far, this includes 10 PvE galaxies for each faction, 6 PvP galaxies, for players of a particular level range, and one of the latest game features – 3 Ultralibrium galaxies which represent the high-level content. We have plans for at least 7 more of them. Well, it’s pretty big.

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What can you tell us about the combat system?

Simple to use, but hard to master, the combat system allows the players to use various skills against their opponents, and adapt to different forms of offensive or defensive tactics. Ambushing using stealth, being quick enough to hit and run techniques or manipulating enemy behavior using crowd control skills – we leave that choice up to the player. Of course, there are the group fights, which allow the player to specialize in the three common roles of Guardian, Destroyer or Engineer.

Is Andromeda 5 a PvP-focused game? What kind of PvP does it offer?

We’re trying to cover both PvP and PvE fronts, but definitely PvP is the soul of the game. Besides the normal open space combat where you spot a bad guy and offer him the chance to take a close look of your weapons for mass destruction, the game also offers an open space, endless battleground, where all the factions fight to gain control over special Mining stations. These stations harvest the most precious resource in the universe of Andromeda 5, called Ultralibrium.

If that’s not enough, we also have additional PvP modes, called the Arenas, where teams of players fight against each other to achieve a certain goal. Currently, there are just a few different modes, but we’re working on way more complex systems as well.

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How is the Steam Greenlight process going? Are you excited about it?

Sure we are, that’s Steam! The game has reached 25% of the way up to TOP 100 in less than 10 days. So far, so good, fingers crossed!

What kind of free-to-play business model will Andromeda 5 offer?

The players can buy temporary boosters and quicken their progress, and we’re also working on more possibilities for ships and account customization. Since we’re trying to avoid any pay2win system, the point is to present to the players the chance to make their game easier and more comfortable for their own style and vision, and save them some time, without affecting the ingame balance in power. As gamers, we understand how important and great it is to be able to show the full potential of your unique character, within the game world.

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Since the game is already on a Beta stage, do you already have a release date in mind?

At this stage, we’re fully focused on improving the current gameplay, including new quest engines and generic systems, adding additional end-game content like new characters, PvP modes and other features for ship customization. We’re also working on iOS and Android versions, so we can cover more platforms. It’s hard to predict an official release date, so all I can say now is that we’re going to launch it as soon as we achieve all of our goals first, without any compromises for the quality of the product. It might take a while, but it will worth it.

Thank you for all your answers. Would you like to add something?

Space has never been that deadly!

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