Exclusive Interview to the main Producer of MU Rebirth

Today we invite you to take a look at this exclusive interview to Jun Hyeok Im, the main producer of MU Rebirth about the game and its features.

Below you can see the answers that he gave to us.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you about MU Rebirth (previously known as MU Chronicle R). First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Jun Hyeok Im and I am the main producer for MU Online which is being globally serviced. I am so excited to introduce MU Rebirth. Nice to meet you!

The first question is: what does MU mean to you?

Over 10 years, MU Online has been such a beloved MMORPG all around the world and still has a substantial number of active users, which is unbelievable considering that there are few games that came through the rapidly changing MMO trend over the past decade. MU Online will be remembered from the further generation as one of pioneers and will remain as backbone in the MMO history.

Why a new MU now? Is this the right time? In your opinion, are players asking for it?

We wanted to release this game earlier but there was an internal issue that postponed the release date. It is so amazing that it’s finally possible for us to meet our potential players.

What’s the feeling with the community after an announcement like this? Do you find players eager to know more about the game?

Well, the responses from players are divided into mainly 2 groups. The first group thinks MU Rebirth would be MU2 and another group thinks it is just a part of update from Global MU. To explain clearly, MU Rebirth is based on the hack-and-slash gaming experience of MU1 and not a totally different game. We are so glad to see that many players have paid attention to MU Rebirth.

What can players expect from this new MU? What type of game do you expect to create?

The recent MMO trend is rapidly changing and many players feel sick of Pay 2 Win model. They expect much more than just leveling over and over. In the case of MU1, a substantial number of players play private servers due to many reasons and they always feel afraid of the possible fact that their servers may be suddenly closed. We were so sad to see that almost all private servers were selling items at very low price without considering the side effects. Our purpose is to provide a higher quality gaming environment in an official server that incomparably stable and fun.

Why ‘MU Rebirth’?

The official codename represents one of main contents called ‘Rebirth’.

Are we going to see some features from the old MU or is this game a totally reboot?

As I mentioned before, MU Rebirth is based on MU1’s gaming style and thus, MU1’s various features will remain. The major difference is MU Rebirth is a highly PvP oriented game unlike MU1.

What would you say will be the main feature of MU Rebirth, PvP?

Yes. The main feature is PvP. It will take just 1 or 2 hours to reach at the maximum level so players will be easily able to enjoy PvP contents. While a race called ‘Rage Fighter’ was blamed as balance destroyer in MU1, MU Rebirth concentrated on balancing each race for better PvP. The balancing work will be kept even after the Closed Beta on July 4.

Is going to be totally free to play?

Yes. It is a literally totally Free-2-Play game. I mean all the items (approximately 500 items including weapon and armor) from MU Rebirth Item Shop can be bought for free through using Free Credit. Players can obtain Free Credit through their own gameplay.

Any release date in mind?

Official launching date will be the middle of July or the end of July. The accurate date will be announced through MU Rebirth Facebook and Webzen.com

From your point of view, what will make this game more fun than others?

As far as I know, there is no game in the world that offers as easier and faster PvP opportunities as MU Rebirth. We have a plan to hold ‘Official PvP Event’ every month (with cash prizes) in order to make it MU Rebirth’s tradition. Also, we will recruit GMs from various countries to satisfy our global players.

Would you like to add something?

To be honest, there are too many private servers for MU1 and many innocent players are losing their time and money. They don’t even respect their players since they have the absolute power in their servers. As you know, it is common that private servers are frequently created and closed. They say their servers will remain forever but you never know. We hope those players would come to MU Rebirth and would experience much better service and quality. Needless to say, they won’t worry about closing servers anymore.

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