Exclusive interview about the upcoming Hack and Slash style MMORPG Travia 2 with the game main designer, Jang Eun Gi

Today we present this exclusive interview about the upcoming Hack and Slash style MMORPG Travia 2, with the game main designer, Jang Eun Gi.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you about Travia2.

First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello. My name is Jang Eun Gi, the main game designer of Travia 2. It is my job to design the system and the contents. I feel grateful to be interviewed.

How would you describe Travia2 to someone who has never heard about it before?

Travia 2 is the Hack and Slash style game and also a sequel of Travia 1. The game is designed to be an easy and comfortable experience. It also stresses the importance of mass hunting and thus may allow you to fall vulnerable to surrounding monsters every now and then.

Could you give us a sneak peek of the backstory? What can we expect to see in the world of Travia2?

Travia is a guardian and also the Goddess in the world of Travia2. This goddess faces the danger of being suppressed by the lord of all evil. It is the users’ job to find clues of his evil plot and find ways to prevent it from ever happening and eventually seal him.

Mass Monster Hunting and Hack’n Slash style action were features of the first opus of Travia. Are they still going to be in the new Travia2?

Yes, they will be. Just like they used to in Travia1, they will be able to see the Hack’n Slash style action.

Between how many characters or classes are we going to be able to choose? What kind of character progression will Travia2 offer?

Before level 100, players will be able to experience Warrior, Archer, Magician, Priest classes. After reaching level 100, each class will be able to change class from Warrior to Gladiator or Knight, Magicians to Warlock or Wizard, Priest to Templar or Dark Priest, Archer to Ranger or Summoner by quests. Each class will be divided into two so there will be a total of 12 classes to choose from - 4 before level 100, 8 after level 100.

Could you give us some details about the questing system in Travia? What kind of quests should players expect to find in the game?

Quests in Travia2 are designed to help players level up at a much faster pace. There will be 1~2 TALK type quests for each level. These TALK type quests can be done only once. There will also be field dropped quests which are repeatable unlike the TALK type quests.
Of course the flower of all quests is the party quests. These can be done only in the form parties. Each party quest can hold up to 5 members and they will follow a certain scenario. As the difficulty level is pretty high, the reward is also very high.

We’ve heard that the game gives a great emphasis to item farming. Some words about that feature?

There are two types of items case of items: Magic items and rare items. Magic items are items that hold 3 options out of the total 46 options. Therefore, a combination of 2162 types of different items are possible. In rare items, as the item inherits ancient powers, there are 400 types of random name created.

Could you tell us more about the guild wars? How are they working?

In guild war, there are two types of war: Village War and Castle War. In Village War, various guild will participate in the war to take possession of the three crystal in the village. The guild who manages to take hold of the 3 crystal the longest within the limited time will win the war. There are no limits to participating in the Guild war, so every non guild members will be a potential enemy.
Castle war is the war to hold possession of the whole server. Usually the Castle holding guild will fight 1:1 with the Village War winning guild. If there is no guild holding possession of the Castle (usually on the first Castle War), then the guild with the highest point in the Village War will win the Castle.

What about PVP and PVE. Do you have different servers dedicated for each mode?

The main PvP contents are the Village and Castle War. However, it still will be possible to PvP between different Factions. When forming the guild, the guild master will decide to whether place the guild in the Blue or Red Faction. Normally players with different faction will be able to PvP in normal fields. In PvE, there are party quest system and field boss system. In field boss system, there are dedicated channels to support the system. In many cases, players will have to remember when the boss will spawn and gather as much players as possible to hunt the monsters.

Travia2 has been announced as a Free to Play MMO but could you reveal any details on the monetization system? Will it be necessary to buy items to be powerful in the game?

Monetize system is focused on giving convenience to the game play such as increased inventory space and reviving on the spot when your character dies. However, users will not become stronger just by using more money.

On which continents are you planning to launch Travia2 and do you already have an approximative schedule for the open beta or release?

Travia2 is currently released in Korea only. We plan to release the global version of Travia2 in the near future. However, the date has not been set. The recent success of the 1st CBT which ended on the 29th of February shows that the release date is near, but it is hard to say when.

From your point of view, what makes this game more fun than others?

Travia 2 has an easy interface unlike most games and easy game play with most spectacular hunting experience through Hack & Slash style gaming.

Thank you for your time.

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