Exclusive Drakensang Online leveling challenge

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A fantastic opportunity with MMOReviews.com, FREMMORPGlist.com and Bigpoint’s Drakensang Online where you can win some awesome in game items (valued at approx. 30€) just by playing the game!

The challenge is to reach level 15 in game before January 15th and those successful candidates will be entered into a private lottery where FIVE winners will be randomly selected.

Players can register between 15th Dec 2013 and 15th Jan 2014 and have between these dates to reach level 15, those who successfully win the competition will be contacted by the Bigpoint team to organize getting their rewards to them.

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The amazing prizes that can be won with this competition:

- Polished Ruby - + 10 Damage, usable for Weapon or Weapon modifier

- Polished Onyx - + 80 Critical hit value, usable for Weapon or Weapon modifier

- Glyphs of Power - Glyphs of Power are used to upgrade pieces of armor.

- Crystals of Truth - Crystals of Truth are used to identify equipment

- Essence of Destruction - Increases attack power. Used up after each attack. 300% increased damage to monsters and 30% increased damage to players

- Favor of Destiny - This package contains the following items:

  • Nectar of Insight (35% more XP from monsters)

  • 3 Universal Healing Potions

  • Lockpicks (needed to open magic, extraordinary and legendary chests)

  • 3 Mighty Spirit Guards (120 Andermant resurrection)

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