Exclusive In-depth Look at WildStar’s Character Customisation

WildStar - Exclusive - EN

WildStar offers a wide range of customisation options for players to create their truly unique characters. There are 8 distinct races to choose from, each of which presents a distinctive appearance and plenty of artwork in addition to a multitude of options to let gamers play around with when inventing their ultimate character. As diverse as the races’ background is their actual look, ranging from cuddly and cute to huge, valiant, frightening and typically pretty bad ass. So in case the lore of the individual races isn’t able to attract you to one in particular, then the character options perhaps will.

Customising your character follows a small path between generally scrolling through and selecting prefabricated body types, faces, hairstyles and so on and more desirable scroll bar customisation that provides players with more control over the size of specific facial traits such as nose, eyes, lips, etc. The existing options are sometimes so delicate that they nearly imperceptible. If this is due to the fact that specific aspects change in a more drastic way with some races than others and that it is a sweeping user-interface for all of them, is something we are not certain about. However, we do appreciate the ability to personalise our characters in excessive and occasionally exaggerated ways.

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