Exclusive Coverage from Ubisoft Digitals Days 2013 in Paris

Ubisoft invited us to Paris for the day to get involved with their Digital Days 2013 press event where they were showcasing a number of their up and coming games and releasing some information on new IP (intellectual property) that would be releasing over the coming months and beyond.


We were escorted from our hotel to the convention centre at Porte de Versailles by our delightful and helpful PR lady Lucía Guzmán and taken into the hall where Ubisoft were set up. Our bags and coats checked in, we entered the bustling area where on a raised stage EMEA Executive Director Alain Corre was giving his presentation underneath a huge screen, showing what we could expect from the day and what games were on show. With the presentation, it was a relative free for all for the press to queue and try out different games, speak to key people and, most importantly, get to the bar for free drinks and food as supplied by the company!

UbisoftDigitalDaysParis23 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis26 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis25 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis27

Ubisoft had a number of different games on show, for console, tablet and obviously PC; we ourselves focused on the free- to-play games that were being shown: Panzer General Online, Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and Tom Clancy’s: Endwar Online. And you can see how we got on with them in the articles we will be publishing. In addition, we got to interview the man responsible for Ubisoft’s f2p titles, Marketing Director for EMEA Thomas Painçon. Stay tuned.

UbisoftDigitalDaysParis29 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis30 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis31 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis32 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis33 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis28

On that long but interesting day, it was great to see just exactly what we can be expecting from Ubisoft over the coming months and into next year.

UbisoftDigitalDaysParis36 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis48 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis49 UbisoftDigitalDaysParis50

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