EVE TV will broadcast the EVE FanFest

CCP Games has announced that EVE TV will be bringing live streaming of EVE Fanfest 2012 and the Party at the Top of the World for everyone, live and for free, over the internet all the way from Reykjavik, Iceland.

Fanfest 2012 is easily the biggest Fanfest ever, guaranteed to match EVE Online's 8th straight year of subscriber growth, the looming addition of the AAA PlayStation3 FREE TO PLAY first person shooter DUST 514 to the EVE universe and a few more surprising things in store for hundreds of attendees and thousands of internet viewers.

In addition to releasing massive amounts of information on EVE's summer expansion, EVE Online: Inferno, they are going to present a demo of DUST 514, tournaments, panels, presentations, tech demos, interviews and more.

What can viewers expect of the stream?

- Full live feed from Fanfest 2012, covering all 3 days' worth of events
- An estimated 32+ hours of content broadcast live from the new venue
- Major presentations streamed as they happen with regularly updated highlights of concurrent events
- CCP devs guiding you through the whole thing
- Party at the Top of the world featuring live acts.

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