EVE Online’s Inferno expansion launching May 22

With a 9th anniversary celebrating continuous year-on-year growth earlier this May, CCP Games and EVE Online are nearing release of a 17th free expansion, EVE Online: Inferno, to all subscribers on May 22nd.

More than any other expansion in EVE's history, Inferno aims to shake up all levels of warfare in the over 7,500 solar systems in EVE's massive universe. Overhauls of major war-related game systems will affect player-driven conflict and the first set of many new ship modules to come promise to alter tactics at the most visceral levels.

Key features of Inferno include:

- Mercenary Marketplace: pay the best guns-for-hire to settle your scores or make yourself avaialble to the highest bidders in the most notorious PVP universe in gaming
- War Declarations: reworked systems to help you wage war and keep track of your legacy
- Missiles and Launchers: savor every moment from launch to impact with missile launchers and dramatic new missile effects
- Factional Warfare: enlist in a faction and join the entry-level game of conquest with more rewards and deeper gameplay than ever before
- Visual Updates: Enhanced graphics on ship models and increased options in the industry-leading character creator
- Plus Kill Reports, Unified Inventory, 16 new modules and dozens of enhancements to both graphics and gameplay

"There has never been a more exciting time to try EVE and become the spaceship pilot you always knew you should be," says Jon Lander, Senior Producer for EVE Online. "The EVE universe is, now more than ever, staggeringly ripe with possibilities for adventure, stories, profit and, well, really satisfying explosions with the new missile effects."

EVE Online: Inferno bolsters the EVE universe for DUST 514's addition later this year, where millions of soldiers in a free-to-play PlayStation 3 shooter will join EVE pilots in the same persistent universe.

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