Eudemons’ 4th Anniversary Celebration Approaching

Eudemons Online has just announced that their 4-year Anniversary Celebration will soon kick off in June. The list of newest updates and events was released yesterday, including a string of hot celebrating activities and new Demon Rising sequels. Players will be receiving a lot of fun as well as some wonderful rewards!

Seraph Celebration (June 1st – June 6th)
Join in this grand revelry and get Divine Points to exchange for the fortune coins and win EPs and PPs, and lots of other prizes! Boxing, wrestling, fortune seeking... what else could there be? Oh, you'd better check it out on your own!
Carnival Packs Giveaway (June 1st – June 30th)
The higher level your character is (before June 1st) the better prizes you will get!

Kylin Mounts Limited Edition Promotion (May 31st – Jun 29th)
For a LIMITED time only! You get a chance like this once in a blue moon! It will never return when the promo is over! So seize your every opportunity!


New Quests: (Estimated Time: June 9th)
- New Demon Rising Sequels: Misty Crags and Dracula Manor. Time to upgrade your Divine Eudemons! Players will be able to receive Soul Shard (P-2/ 3) as rewards!
- Change online time for gifts: Warmonger Chest, Tellus Orb and Glamour Sapphire
- Double-Exp Event updated! Bonus blessing up to 4 hours!

Exciting Events
- Misty Crags Competition (June 9th – June 30th): The top 10 successful challengers will receive lots of EPs as rewards.
- VIP Lottery Month
- Forum Event: Happy Birthday, Eudemons

Check here all you need to know about Eudemons. And visit its official website.

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