Ether Saga: new instance, Pit of Champions

Ether Saga Online will be having a new instance called Pit of Champions go live tonight! This is for high level Ether Saga Online veterans (90+) only and players will need to brave 100 waves of monsters! Each wave will have 10 monsters with every 20th having a boss. If that wasn’t already crazy enough, you’ll also only have 2 hours to complete the instance!

"If you need some help, 4 NPCs are there to assist you. They are the Tortoise Soul, Tiger Soul, Phoenix Soul and Dragon Soul. They each give you a different buff, such as crit, flying speed, increased HP or intellect.

For starters, monsters will drop items. The best loot comes from bosses of course. Examples of drops are signet embed stones, chaplet items such as time dust stone, Etheral Charms – Kan , common jades, serpent saliva and many more. You will also earn gold, 86 spirit, and 5 valor from each monster you kill.

When players kill all 100 waves, they will receive a Square Destiny Jade Debris, which can forged into a level 100 Destiny Jade, used to unseal level 100 Destiny Gears, 6 Hour Possessors and a 6 Hour Jadeon of Soul. Based on your rating of how you performed you can also Triangle Destiny Jade Debris (Forged into a level 90 Destiny Jade), 2 Hour Double EXP Tokens, Experience, Lost World Reputation as well as Spirit. The higher score you get, the more prizes you win."

Check here all you need to know about Ether Saga Online. And visit its official website.

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