Eternal Blade has presented six new characters

Gpotato has presented six new characters of the upcoming action MMORPG Eternal Blade. The game packs fast-paced action into the engaging world of an MMORPG to create a brand new social experience. The vibrant game features lush landscapes and colorful characters that come to life through a fairytale theme and colorful anime style that blends seamlessly with the high action gameplay. Eternal Blade features multiple upgrade systems that impact appearance, statistics, and even skills to create a truly unique experience for every player. Eternal Blade will launch in the US in 2012.

- The Soul Summoner summon souls through dark magic, turning them directly against their enemies or absorbing them to fuel devastating spells.
- The Knight is the only class with a shield to block enemy attacks, they have the courage to charge into the heart of battle but the good sense to bring some defense along.
- The Mage is the master of the arcane arts who have learned how to channel fire, ice, earth, and thunder.
- The Archer know how to position himselve in battle to gain environmental buffs and they can pin bad guys to the ground with long range traps.
- The Thief know hundreds of ways to stun, confuse, silence, paralyze, and disable our enemies for the killing strike.
- The Berserker live by a simple code: when he sees an enemy, charge it head on! With each attack from their mighty Great Swords, they become further fueled by the very rage that drives us.

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