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Developed by Looki Games for internet browsers.


Empire Universe 2 is a space browser-based Massive Online Game where you can chose your own path in the galaxy. Choose from 9 different races with their own unique stats and starting places in the galaxy map. Collect 10 different resources via mining asteroids and wreckages or through your planet's resource mines, customise 21 different spaceship chassis with over 66 components allowing for a lot of room for experimenting. With 146 different technologies to research it is a long spanning game that cannot be either won or lost. There is a strong focus on allied gameplay and it promoted teamplay whether you decide to join one of the many empires out there or create your own. Use your warships to fight real time battles against hundreds of opposing players and train ground troops to act as your last line of defence for when all your warships have been destroyed.
Choose your alignment, through the actions you take in the game you can become a scientist, pirate, warrior, trader and bounty hunter. With over 120,000 planets in 10,000 sectors there is plently of space for everyone.


- The world's first 3D space graphics engine using javascript
- It offers real-time battles
- Interactive battle reports
- 10 different resources
- 21 different spaceship-chassis
- Spaceships can fully put together modularly from 66 different components
- Already built spaceships can be reconstructed or upgraded- commanders affect the strength of a fleet
- 146 technologies
- Strong focus on alliances to promote teamplay
- The alignment (Neutral, Researchers, Warrior, Pirate, Trader, Bounty hunter) of a player is based on his style of play
- Players can be grouped into empires
- Intergalactic policy
- Piracy
- Bounty hunting
- Challenging campaigns
- Planets can be conquered


For the first 30 days you can build up your planet, research, mine resources etc. safely with nothing to fear: you cannot be raided by anyone. During this time your planets are fully protected, however your fleets can be attacked based on the bashing protection rules.

After 30 days, noob protection will end, regardless of how many points you have. After leaving noob protection at 30 days, you will enter bashing protection. This will end after reaching 250,000 points in highscore.


Dock bombing allows the ships on the planet surface to be attacked by orbiting ships. The ships on the planet are called grounded and include repairing ships, rebuilding ships, and free ships.
Dock Bombing only works when you are raiding a planet with troops and have warships along with your troop ships in the same fleet.


The Jamozoids once were a nation very bond with nature, a nation that lived in symbiosis with themselves and their world. This was symbolized through an emblem, which reflected the origin and the unity of the people.

The Weganians are a monument of a species' will to survive. Their metabolism differs completely from that of other breeds. A few centuries ago an insidious disease, which attacked the central nervous system, threatened the planet of Wegan.

Little is known about the mysterious Magumians because their underground cities hide before the eyes of foreign nations. The Magumian community is divided into individual clans, which originally used to manage farms and mines cooperatively.

The origin of humanity lost itself lies in the mists of the past. It is known that the people had to adapt to very different climatic conditions in the course of their evolution. For this purpose, people have always been organized into trivial associations. This lead to very adaptable structures.

The cyborgs have the same origin as the human race. They inhabited the same planet, had the same humanoid body characteristics and even shared the same curiosity along with ingenuity. They used to be once human of flesh and blood. But humanity was careless with their planet.

The Ozoids live in a strictly hierarchical tribal culture in which the best individual in a network of personal obligations and loyalty reigns. This authoritarian tendency of their culture made the Ozoids the born fighters. This philosophy is reflected in their ship's design which uses excellent offensive systems, but weaker defensive measures.

The Mosorians come from the planet Heyao VII, a world heavy tormented by storms of gas. The Mosorians developed primitive technologies that allow them to use their planet's strong wind forces for aerial movement. The caste of wind riders that emerged from the first pilots is considered as the backbone of the Mosorian fleet.

The main culture of the Zuup evolved from nomadic people. Raids, tribal feuds and cattle formed the basis of their society. With an increasing mechanization, the Zuup abandoned their nomadic existence and evolved under the reign of their warlords to a mighty warrior race, still the proud Zuup maintain this heritage to this day and pass it on from one generation to the next.

The Plentropians may not look like it, but these creatures are the true geniuses at the screwdriver and the best inventors of the universe. Strangely their abilities evolved from the nation's passion for racing and betting. Young Plentropians had already learned first mechanical basics before they knew how to write. Every place has its own inventors competition, which is supposed to animate the Plentropians' inventive spirit.


Your account wont get deleted until 30 days. You will receive several emails with a reminder, that your account will get deleted after that 30 days. If you have Premium, you don't have to bother, you are safe for any deletion in that way.


Internet connection and internet browser (Firefox from version 2.0  or Internet Explorer from version 7).

Website: Empire Universe II

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Empire Universe II game

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6 Comentarios de Empire Universe II

  1. horsa

    sadly the lack of support and cheats that are allowed to continue have now made this game unplayable
    looki are no longer interested in this game and make it obvious on many of the smaller servers like the dutch one were support has not even replied to its on moderaters messages for 2 months

  2. Versio

    I agree with horsa… this game is a load of horsa-shit… geddit

  3. bakuman

    “”Il existe des jeux dont le seul nom suffit à décrire l’ambiance et le gameplay, Empire Universe 2 est un de ceux là. Il suffit de décortiquer et tout sera clair.””

    Ambiance pourri basé sur la délation et les ouins ouins des joueurs ‘consommateurs d’ikolium” Gameplay complètement pipé, buggué, et j’en passe….

    Si vous avez un minimum d’amour propre pour ce site de mmorpg, je vous conseille d’éjecter looki france de vos contacts, car cette société n’est là que pour sucer le pognon de ces joueurs. le reste ils s’en foutent complètement…

    On attend toujours depuis 3 ans le gros mega truc promis par looki france tel une carotte à ces joueurs, pour pas qu’ils ne lachent ce game…et qu’ils continuent à raquer…

    Conclusion, Ce jeu est la définition même de l’arnaque basé sur un concept attractif et distractif, dont seul la communauté délaisser totalement par le staff, en fait les frais…. bravo , belle mentalité…

  4. wirixian

    Sadly this game is blighted by player moderator problems leading to much frustration for game players and worse still an unresponsive support who often dont even have the politeness to acknowledge a message sent

  5. Thordon

    I can say that the player moderators have too much power , this leads to corrupt where troops are given back to there little cosy empire and name it was a bug. The buyers of iko are being cheated out of there money and in my case was hunted by the mods for being too good at playing the game, im banned for speaking out about the bugs and when a made a clerical error in chat was gagged then repeated this within one week untill i was banned. my record of gags before this was 2 gags in a period of 17 months ( low compared to player moderators pretend friends. There no feed back from support if the question does not suit. My unfair ban well they take your money and give you no consumer protect from english site to the german site. Looking for a group of banned players to raise a united front against this company who do not care for the gamers except the money that they take from you and in there own rules did not folow procedures.

  6. Volatilis Nex

    as mentioned above the chat moderators have taken over the game and a weak admin has let them and their bias means they rewrite the rules of the game to suit their own needs and ban anyone who tries to oppose them or even just voice their own opinion and people who cheat massively get away with a slap on the wrist. unless you like stress frustration and dissapointment dont bother, it takes a year to get anywhere and with what they are doing it will be dead by then.

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