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GAME TYPE: Free to play City Building Strategy
PLATFORMS: Web Browser


In Elvenar players are responsible for establishing their own village, playing as either the Human or Elven race, they must acquire and manage their resources to build a prosperous settlement for their people and train an army with which to defend it. With strong elements of city building and tactical turn-based combat this free to play game offers a hands-on approach to battle that sets it apart from many other games in the genre. Players do not need to download a client to play the game as it can be accessed directly through their preferred web browser.


  • Choose from two unique factions: the Elves or the Humans

  • Construct a prosperous and efficient village for your people

  • Train up multiple military units with their own unique abilities

  • Acquire new technologies through the detailed tech tree

  • Work alongside and trade with other real-world players

  • Turn-based strategic combat

  • Browser-based gameplay

  • Completely free to play


Elvenar’s primary gameplay revolves around city/base building mechanics and resource acquisition and management to build up a working village, exploring a tech tree and ultimately expanding their land (the competitive Ranked aspects of the game focuses on the culture and populous of a village to determine who the top players are).

The game also focuses on a more hands-on combat system shying away from the more automated battle mechanics seen in other MMO’s of this nature, in Elvenar players will directly control their units in battle, choosing where they move, when they attack and what strategy to employ to find victory.


Players begin with an open plot of land where their Town Hall has already been constructed and from which they must raise a settlement to house their people. Constructing new buildings requires both resources and time, construction can take anything from seconds, minutes to even hours, though can be sped up by acquiring and spending premium Diamond currency.

Buildings serve a number of different purposes, everything from increasing population (that leads to gaining gold resources from villagers), workshops to create food and tools, barracks to train up new units for combat, culture buildings to increase the villagers’ happiness and much more.


Each faction has access to 5 different units that are unlocked at various stages throughout the tech tree, whilst the factions have different units many of them follow similar base roles such as the Human Axe Barbarian and the Elven Sword Dancer being the primary melee troop, whereas the Elven Sorceress uses powerful ranged magic to reduce enemy damage the Human Priest focuses on using his divine abilities to lower an enemy’s defences.

Each unit as well as having its own style of combat and attacks will also have its own movement range when manoeuvring around the hex based combat maps, units can be moved and positioned to block access to their weaker units, take cover behind terrain features and use all manner of strategy to outflank and outsmart their opponent. Currently the game does not feature a PVP element and instead focuses primarily on combat against AI opponents.


Knowledge is power and by advancing through the tech tree players will gain access to new features, units, buildings and other means by which to improve their village. The tech tree itself is a long branching list of available technologies were players must determine their own preferred route, choosing the elements that are most important to their settlement and picking up prerequisite technologies to reach them. Players must earn and spend Knowledge Points to acquire their new technology, which can be done in various ways.


The world map is broken down into various locations/provinces that can be uncovered by spending gold to send out a Scout. Each province has eight relics that players can try to acquire, either through peaceful negotiation (costs gold) or through force and by fighting the defending inhabitants. With each relic acquired from a province players will gain a Knowledge Point to spend towards the technology tree and, once all eight relics in a province have been uncovered, the player may settle the area to expand their buildable land within their village.


Internet Browser

Website: Elvenar

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Elvenar game

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9 Comentarios de Elvenar

  1. joe

    Oh my god it’s boring. Ridiculously so. It’s hard to understand the point of this game. It’s like grepolis, only there are no alliances and you don’t fight other players…. or maybe like Forge of Empires, only the trade system is awful. It’s like and ‘intro to social gaming’ game or something.

  2. Candy Crush Soda

    i like this game it’s very simple and addictive

  3. Laobhan

    I have played several games this one, they have seriously dropped the ball on one, this is a non social game, if you are the kind of person who likes watching paint dry then go for it! there is no social at all, no chat.

    You are reliant on your neighbours to make your city work, but, you can not communicate with them openly to ask for help. There are much better games out there, you do not need to log into this one.

  4. Dark LordBwahaha

    Don’t bother even trying this game. You will work for rewards only to have them taken away while the developers experiment with different ideas.
    Definitely NOT worth it

  5. kristian

    Have a look at these printscreens. Right now I’ve been playing for a rough time of 2 – 3 weeks. I’ve opened 29 spots of neighbours, where 21 villages of these neighbours are removed! I have 8 neighbours left for some extra gold, while I’ve leveled my city hall as high as possible to pull the most out of it.

    The printscreens down here are the world chart where you are supposed to have neighbours at the empty spots:

    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3

    I’ve had some contact with the Dutch customer support and the community manager told me that eventually the spots will be filled up with people who sign up.

    – I’ve asked her if it was possible if my city could be moved to a more crowded area with more active players around, but this was not an option as she told me. (In my opinion this is absolutely bad, especially because I refuse to believe that a technical administrator wouldn’t be able to undertake this action).

    All together, I would not recommend anybody to play this game of Innogames. Forge of Empires instead is a lot more fun to do, (in my opinion that is).



  6. Bobbi Piazza

    I’m a top player on the Elvenar “Arendyll” world. The game started nicely, with limited content but ample opportunity for play time.

    Step-by-step, the developers have turned the game into a “watch the grass grow” environment. We wouldn’t object to changes…but investing time and money into a game where there’s just nothing to do, well, you get the picture.

    Inno doesn’t seem responsive to player input. I strongly suggest you avoid this game – HayDay is more interesting, and that says all you need to know!

  7. RezaGard


    Don’t bother with this POS game. Unless you derive great pleasure from throwing money out the window and beating your head against brick walls. Hard.

    Played for several moths, spent money. Wish I could go back in time and get my time and money back. All I got out of this game was some pretty graphics, that got old real fast, alot of frustration, anger, headaches and wasted time and effort. And a nice line of deductions from my bank account.


  8. Neone Sheito

    I agree with Bobbipiazza.

    Elvenar has degraded to the point where only diamonds players can enjoy this game. The more money you spend the more that is required. I play on the BETA world and been playing since this game was first released in closed beta.

    If you have BIG pockets and an unlimited budget then this game Might be for you but only if you have tons of time to watch paint dry…:p

  9. Naomi

    I can understand why some people feel frustrated. I believe ‘Elvenar’ is what some people call an “idle”; it’s basically a spreadsheet with graphics. It’s true, I’ve found the game to be rather slow paced, as well. What I do is log into the game 4 or 5 times a day for about 5 – 10 minutes at a time. Basically, I just set up my resources, and allocate the harvested resources to various tasks. I’ve had some trouble getting the live combat to work, so I either negotiate or auto fight; it usually takes about a minute or so to do that, and some times I have to wait for the right time to engage in combat, so I don’t always do that every time.
    I find the slow pace, actually, to be refreshing. I suppose buying diamonds, or using the one’s I’ve got would speed things up, but everything in the game is so darn expensive that it seems pointless.