Elvenar and Forge of Empires Celebrates Summer 2017

The Forge of Empires event is online and will last until July 19th. Here is some info about the event:

Get Casino Tickets from quests and daily town hall production. Use them to spin the Wheel of Fortune and get fantastic prizes - including brand new buildings with set bonuses!

The Summer Casino is open for business again! This year, it's run by two royal guests from an empire far away: Maharaja and his wife Maharani. They want to establish a casino in their own empire, so this year they take over from Greva (with her permission, of course), to learn about the business. There are awesome prizes to be won, so make sure you visit their Summer Casino! If you didn't have a chance to participate in our previous events, now you have an opportunity to compete with your neighbors to claim some of those old event items, as well as brand new Summer items. Be sure to to stay active and login daily during the event, as the town hall will produce a free ticket every day.

Regarding Elvenar:

The event will start on the 6th of July 2017 and will end on the 3rd of August.

This year’s summer event addresses "The March of the Herds": While moving their herds from one side of Elvenar to the other many different people and their respective animals cross your city and take a small break before continuing their journey to the great green willows. While resting at your place, the player can make acquaintance of halflings, dwarves and orcs, bringing in mysterious animals like sheep which look like caterpillar, two-tailed shepherd dogs, beasty buffalos and stubborn goats. Some halflings would even ride chicken!

During the Event the player has to gain Sugar Beet to feed the animals and try to collect as much candies as possible to open chests and get great rewards.

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