Elsword Releases Elysion Part 2

Elsword - news

KOG Games today announces the launch of the 2nd Phase of the Elysion Continent and a Level Cap Increase for Elsword.

Ascend unto the heavens, beyond the gates that cast the light upon clouds cosmic.... And behold. Pearlescent sepia tones tinge the horizon as technology and fantasy cast opulent spires of grace and magnificence from vast, billowing clouds that touch the very sunset that threatens to drape the world in darkness. The El Search Party sees before them... Elysion.

Two new dungeons play herald to perils beyond imagination, and beauty that wields violence with elegance and grandeur most severe. To outfit our heroes, the level cap is being increased to 99!

In addition, players will get another chance to shut the monstrous machination Eltrion once and for all. The previous attempt at the first and foremost raid boss failed, and now, it's your last chance to destroy the steel behemoth forever!

Whether destroying Eltrion or traversing the dangers of the heavens in Elysion, adventure beyond compare, loot and goodies most fair await!


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