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KOG Games today announces the launch of the gripping, final chapter to the overarching Elsword storyline; Elysion!

The larger-than-life conclusion to the storyline that started 5 years ago is about to unfold. The final Elysion Dungeons tell the tale of a heartbreaking story that began as the El Gang chased the mysterious and explicitly powerful Solace to the ends Elysion; a land that transcends time and space. But... what began as a telltale end to a war that has plagued the world, backhands the entire El Search Party expedition with a tragic plot twist that is seething with a level of derision so blatant, that the very next step will either rend the world of all existence, or lay bare an existence for those who have already sacrificed everything... to rile in torment for eternity.

Fortress of Solace:
Recommended Level: 87 – 90

Elsword and the gang finally manage to infiltrate Solace's Fortress and secure its entrance with the help of Adrian and Herbaon. Time is of the essence, as they still have no clue what Solace is planning with the El Lady, or if they aren't already too late to stop some sinister plan. Meanwhile, Elesis' blinding headaches continue to get worse and the voices calling out to Elsword become clearer as they approach Solace. What discovery awaits the El Search Party?

Memories of the Halted Sun:
Recommended Level: 87 – 90

Elsword is immediately ripped from this plane and transported through the mind of Solace; a distant past. As Elsword battles his way through the mind of Solace, the truth slowly unfolds before our hero's eyes. The tragic series of events eventually leads back to our hero, Elsword. What choice will Elsword make for the people of Elrios?
Continue the journey to find out!

Elysion Dungeon 6 & 7 Events

Though the 6th and 7th installment of the Elysion dungeon series is targeted towards high end Elsword players, the folks at KOG have an event series that brings players of all levels in on the fun.

- Accessorize like the newest Dungeon boss with fierce Solace Boss Accessories when you log-in for 10 minutes or when you defeat Solace in Solace's Fortress five times!
- Clearing the Halted Sun's Memory once, twice, and three times will give you an awesome accessory each time!
- Players who complete Ariel's quests 3 times (any Elysion dungeon 3 times, including Atlas region) and receive a random Elysion title!


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