Elsword, has released two new classes for Chung, the Deadly Chaser and the Iron Paladin

Kill3r Combo has announced that its free-to-play manga-inspired MMORPG, Elsword, has released two new classes for ChungChung best known for wielding a giant cannon and possessing the ability to activate berserker rage mode, can now upgrade to the advanced job classes of either Deadly Chaser or Iron Paladin.

Chung masters marksmanship as a Deadly Chaser, gaining the ability to dual-wield two revolvers, which makes him a lethal ranged opponent in the ever-evolving player versus player (PvP) environment. He also gains additional speed and stealth skills, making him perfect for players who prefer controlling a highly agile character.


Those who prefer a "tank" class will favor Chung's Iron Paladin upgrade, wherein his family's legendary armor Freitunier is hardened with magical energy, making him nearly indestructible during dungeons runs with friends. As an Iron Paladin, Chung also gains a host of new melee attacks, making Chung an unstoppable force in PvP.


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