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KOG Games announced the launch of the Magic Wardrobe, one of the most requested content updates to-date for Elsword.

MMORPG fashionistas and classy cool kids have known all too well over the years that the concept of well-statted gear and style have always seemed to be at war... hard. Why can't stat bad-assery ride into battle in style without looking like a plate-clad, medieval linebacker just ran a screaming blitz play through Hot Topic while swinging a 6ft, neon broadsword... of demonic liger slaying!? Why can't that not-so-stylish but totally OP set look fierce? Well.... It can now.

Elsword's Magic Wardrobe goes live today. In addition, Elsword PVP is also getting a big old update. The multifaceted, multiplayer battle field, Ereda Island is getting a massive update, and that's not all. For those new to Elsword, or anybody who'd like to make a new character, now's the perfect time to do so. Newly created characters will get awesome rewards when they reach the Ruben area.

Magic Wardrobe

Magic Wardrobe allows players to override their current attire with one of the many available costumes from the Magic Closet. This feature allows Elsword players to further customize their game experience to look how they'd like without sacrificing stats. In addition, once the costumes are committed to the wardrobe, players can remove these items from their inventory to make room for other gear.

Ereda Revamp

In Ereda Island, players wage war against another player team with the goal of destroying the giant crystal in the center of their base. However, each team has to wade through the enemy baddy ranks, while traversing a themed, multi-tiered, interactive map and hope that they don't run into the players from the other team in a clinch zone! Sound exciting? Well it is.

One very cool update to Ereda Island is the fact that player stats are completely normalized. No amulets, gear or traits will help win an advantage.

Pre-Anniversary New Character Support Event!

We know that gamers love creating new characters, and the folks at KOG are here to support them with an amazing new event!

Every time a player creates a new character during this event, they will be given an Adventurer Equipment Cube. They will then be given additional Support Cubes every 10 levels, all the way up to level 80. All of these Cubes contain a variety of useful and fun items (they're even handing out a 30-day pet) to help the newly created characters begin their journey into Elrios!



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