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Hunted Cow Studios is going to release on November 30 after 8 years of development its new free-to-play 3D browser MMORPG, Eldevin, which aims to be the largest MMORPG ever played in a web browser. Designed from the ground up, it uses Java technology and is playable in most web browsers on systems running Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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The game includes the most appreciated MMORPG features such as a quest system, challenging bosses, revolutionary real-time combat, group instances, several competitive PvP modes, open PvP,14 gathering and crafting professions, and thousands of different items. The game also features a classless system which let players mix abilities and talents from 6 different roles: Templar, Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, Mage, and Prophet.

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"Eldevin's launch marks the culmination of many years of hard work by our small and dedicated 15-member team," said John Stewart, studio manager of Hunted Cow. "Development won't stop here, however, as new features and content are already in the works so the game will continue to grow over the coming years. We'd like to thank all our fans and beta testers for their dedication and support, and we look forward to seeing everyone in game on the 30th."

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Source of information: Hunted Cow Studios press release.

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