The Elder Scrolls Online Membership Trial

From July 5 to July 10 at 5:59am CET, The Elder Scrolls Online players will be try ESO Plus for free. All those who already have a subscription will receive special rewards by simply logging in every day during this event.

ESO Plus is an optional subscription that features the following bonuses:

- Full access to all DLC packs
- 1,500 Crowns per month (free trial users won't be rewarded with crowns)
- Double bank space
- Double furnishing and collectibles space
- 10% increase to Experience, Gold acquisition, crafting and trait research
- Unlimited storage for crafting resources
- Ability to dye costumes

Current ESO Plus members (and all those who adquire the membership during the event) will earn crates in which they can find special rewards, such as mounts, pets, costumes and other in-game stuff. These crates will be delivered on July 17.


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