Eight final classes of Tales of Fantasy unveiled

IGG has finally unveiled the pinnacle of character advancement in Tales of Fantasy. At Level 40, players can select from these 8  classes: Sentinel, Gladiator, Assassin, Marksman, Druid, Summoner, Archmage and Priest. Each adds their own distinctive talents to any successful team, whether the opponents they face are monsters or other players.


Wielding a shield in battle, the Sentinel has mastered using it to both attack and defend. While they won’t dish out the most damage, they will strike when least expected. With the highest defense and HP of all the classes, it is impossible to score a quick victory over them. Their amazing vitality makes them invaluable when taking on BOSSes.
With a will of iron, the Gladiator is a master of weapons and melee combat. On the battlefield, nothing can stand for long against the might of a Gladiator. They can find an enemy’s weak spots and attack without mercy. Anger a Gladiator at your own risk. With the best attack power and an array of skills to augment their prowess, Gladiators are deadly in close combat. They may be slow, but one blow can knock you senseless if you’re not careful.
The born killers known as Assassins walk the shadows, trained to bide their time under cover and in darkness. They strike at the most opportune moments, swiftly dispatching their targets. In battle, unwary opponents will find themselves at the mercy of these silent killers. With the highest Critical rating and speed of any class, an Assassin is truly a force to be reckoned with.
Marksmen, as their name suggests, are masters of the bow. Their deadly accuracy and agility combined with the ultimate ranged attacks can leave a foe helpless, unable to even get close enough to strike back. Their range is 50% greater than that of a spellcaster, making them truly devastating in wide open spaces.
As agile as an Assassin and as destructive as a Mage, the Druid is a master of shapeshifting, able to adopt the natural abilities of wild beasts at will. Their mastery over their physical form is truly astounding. It has even been said that a Druid can surpass an Assassin at their own game.

A class shrouded in mystery, the Summoner studies arcane arts few have knowledge of and fewer have mastered. These dark mages can pass between the realms of the living and the dead freely, and have the ability to beckon hellish beasts to their aid. Trying to fight one skilled in such magic is like staring into the gates of Hell itself. Those who have survived such an encounter have reported becoming strangely tired and quickly overwhelmed.
Never one to enjoy companionship, an Archmage walks a solitary path. Total mastery over their surroundings and the elements make them truly formidable adversaries, despite their weak appearance. With a wave of a hand, an Archmage can whip up tornados and firestorms as if it were child’s play.
A Priest, often described as the pillar of support in a party, brings hope and life to all who travel with them, touching lives with their benevolence. Their sworn duty to protect and revive their comrades is aided by the power of God himself. Daring to cross them is akin to challenging the heavens.

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