Eden Eternal has released a new update named the The Reawakening

Aeria Games has released a new update named the The Reawakening for its free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Eden Eternal, which revamps and updates many aspects of the game.

Eden Eternal reawa GS2 Eden Eternal reawa GS5

The update features a graphical update to the entire game. Character movement and casting animations are smoother and more detailed, improved lighting effects add additional depth to character models, and new art has been added for story quests. The user interface has also been updated to be more streamlined, intuitive, and easy to use for new and veteran players alike.

Eden Eternal reawa GS1

In addition players can now visit the new loyalty Shop, where they can spend Loyalty Points to get a wide variety of rewards like crafting materials, blueprints, and stat boosts. Players interested in flaunting their style can choose to obtain vanity items such as costumes and mounts.

Eden Eternal reawa GS4 Eden Eternal reawa GS3

Source of information: Aeria Games press release.


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