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TPLAY studio


Web browser


Ecol Tactics is a free to play turn based tactical MMORPG playable through web browser. Players recruit mercenaries and defeat evil monsters, customize their skills builds and gather a diverse cast of characters to prepare for war against evil hordes of monsters and their creator.

Featuring retro-style pixel graphics and full, in-depth combat, Ecol Tactics Online seeks to offer the full features of an MMO, including crafting, equipment upgrades, and character customization.


- Epic Story - Play through Ecol Tactics' epic story that spans four continents, hundreds of side quests, map mastery and endless dungeon modes.

- Classes and Customization - Pick from four Mercenary classes that you can switch between at any time, and customize your characters with skill and equipment crafting, costumes, and more.

- Tactical Gameplay - Engage in tactical, turn-based gameplay reminiscent of classic strategy RPGs.

- MMO Features - Participate in and utilize Ecol Tactics' MMO features, including the Auction House, Guilds, and PvP battlegrounds and rankings.


Ecol Tactics Online offers to players four mercenary classes to recruit and control, all of them wit costumes and customization options.

Mage - Trained in the ways of magic for decades, The Mage harnesses her power to control the battlefield. The Mage always carries a Staff but has been known to use wands from time to time. Summon powerful minions, control your opponents with spells, and deal damage over a large area.  The Mage is nearly 120 years old but you won’t find a wart on this witch; it’s amazing what the arcane arts can do to your skin!

Cleric - Reading about strategy, triage, and practicing on paper cuts and boo boos wasn't enough for this young buck. He left his family's ridiculously large estate behind, along with all its wealth to join the Mercenaries Alliance. His craving for life experience leads him to Vermonics.  Keeping his allies on their feet with heals and helping them recover from poisons, paralysis, Clerics find safety in the back of a group.

Fighter - Confident, brave and maybe a bit foolhardy, the fighter wields Swords, Daggers, Sabers, Katanas -- basically anything sharp and pointy.  Fighters control the battlefield by knocking opponents around into just the right position for the rest of his crew to finish them off! Fighters excel at positioning and melee area of effect attacks.

Archer - A silent huntress, bow always at the ready, agile and swift she attacks from long range with her formidable strength. Arrows imbued with magic apply poisons which stun, weaken and damage opponents. She excels at single target damage and crowd control, and has the longest range attacks in Ecol Tactics Online!


Internet connection

Website: Ecol Tactics Online

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3 Comentarios de Ecol Tactics Online

  1. Pay to Win

    100% Pay to win. You can NOT level up your mercenaries without using real world money. Ask about it on the forum and the developer will just insult you and tell you to fire your mercenaries and hire new ones.

    Also, the game plays super slow and crappy. This is a poorly coded browser game that doesn’t have a client.

    I can not recommend this game at all.

  2. Felix

    I am disappointed in this game as well. I played a little bit of it and I’ll give it some more time but I disagree with this statement…

    “Ecol Tactics Online offers to players four mercenary classes to recruit and control, all of them wit costumes and customization options.”

    As far as I know you cannot customize any mercenary you find and they certainly do not lvl up with you outside of using cash items. The skills and weapons you get can only be equipped by you and and stats/skills/etc are locked when you hire a mercenary.

    The idea of random mercenaries makes sense because otherwise everyone would just pick the same strong ones but combining that with what I talked about above is a terrible combination.

    If they never lvl up and there is no customizing your teammates then at least let us choose the mercs we need, instead of spending 5,000coins flipping over all soldiers and a mage when we need a cleric. Over all I’m sad because the game has so much potential. They need to allow mercs to lvl up with you and allow gear and skills to be equip-able for mercs. As it stands now a lot of the game comes down to luck and spending real $.

    So if you are thinking you’ll be able to develop a great team and strategy then think again. Whatever awesome strategy you think up will only be temporary unless you spend the right amount of real money to make mercs permanent and buy the items that lvl them up. Over all I’m very disappointed. I agree with the reviewer before me. It’s pay to win.

  3. Josh (Nikaru)

    Personally, i enjoy the game, admittedly it has some flaws, but remember it is still in beta, they are looking over suggestions and complaints as we speak, the game will just keep getting better don’t be so soon to shut it down like that.

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