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Playwith Interactive grants players the opportunity to participate in the closed beta testing of their new role-playing MMO Eclipse War Online. The testing phase is scheduled from February 25 until March 11.

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During this 2-week-long closed beta, playtesters will be able to have a first glimpse on the following aspects of the game:

- A living world: In EWO, each species has a natural place among prey and predators which will affect the combat. Geographic location and time of day will have an essential meaning to gameplay as well.

- Engaging new PvP: In addition to an arena mode, the game will also feature a thrilling 3 Lane AOS mode complete with minions and towers.

- Character transformations: All monsters and beasts in EWO may drop a particular transformation card that enables players to take on that specific physical form. There are more than 700 cards to collect, each of which comes with 4 extra skills and unique stats.

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Source of information: Playwith Interactive press release.


5 Comentarios de Eclipse War Online To Enter Closed Beta

  1. Excelcious

    I want to know how the level cap of the game and if the PVP feature is implemented since it is in CBT, it could be more look awesome if there’s a event especially for PVP since it is a AOS type and might be awesome.

  2. Troy S. Frey

    i tried pvp and it is awesome. i enjoyed it actually. Much better if you are using character transformation. 😛

  3. ohohcharm

    Seems cool I guess I should try this out. I want to know more about the character transformation and how it work.

  4. Uniquegamer

    I saw the website that today is their last CBT. Have you heard when will be the OBT.? and if they’re going to delete all our characters and items?

  5. mmofanatics

    OBT has already started in this game. Why is the post still says CBT? They actually have conducted their first in-game event. Please do update this guys.

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