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Echo of Solu The Kingdom - Echo of Soul Phoenix

In Echo of Soul Phoenix players step into the shoes of Soulkeepers, powerful champions chosen by the gods that can purify the souls of the vanquished enemies that seek to destroy the world. The game offers strong PVE and questing features with elements of crafting and exploration focusing on solo and group based content.


  • Choose from six different classes

  • Learn trade craft professions

  • Take on hundreds of different quests

  • Explore a multitude of dungeons from solo and group based challenges

  • Download a companion app to manage your characters and auctions when off-line

  • Completely free to play


The war of the Gods and Giants centuries ago, the forces of Ymir the Giant King and those of Odin and Frigg clashed in a near world ending battle, and whilst the Giant King was ultimately defeated it was not without a greater cost. As his blood spilled and flowed it manifested into a dark essence, the Shadow Soul looking to spread, infest and corrupt all that it touched as it was guided by malign forces to destroy the very source of all Creation: The World Tree. Now to battle back these forces and put an end to the corruption champions have been chosen, those who are able to purify these lost souls, the Soulkeepers, the heroes of the gods themselves.

Echo of Soul Phoenix


At its core the primary features of EoS Phoenix emphasise a traditional MMORPG focusing on players exploring a huge environment, tackling dangerous dungeons and exploring PVP to acquire experience, increase in level and attain powerful items and gear to make themselves even stronger. The game offers story driven solo content a single players as well as cooperative group based challenges.


Each time a player destroys an enemy of evil they will draw from it a Chaos Soul, with this powerful essence they are able to purify it within a Soul Sanctum from which they can recover powerful Soul Skills: Peace, Hope, Courage and Innocence that will arm players with powerful buffs that they can use in battle.


Echo of Soul Phoenix offers players six different classes in which to play the game with one of two specialisations to follow:

  • Warriors - strong melee fighters equipped with heavy armour and huge weapons their martial prowess can be focused on offensive melee attacks with the Berserker or enhanced defences to guard allies with the Protector specialisation

  • Archers - a powerful combination of bowman and entertainer, these nomadic folk can hone their talents as a Huntress with deadly ranged bow attacks or a Bard utilising mesmerising melodies to bolster allies and hinder enemies

  • Rogues - as deadly as they are silent their combat style is fast and furious, made more dangerous by the Duellist specialisation focusing on critical precision strikes or utilising poisons as an Assassin to deal damage over time

  • Guardians - summoning their power from nature itself they can commune with mighty spirits and channel these abilities into defence breaking thunder and wind attacks as a powerful Stormguard or embody a pure impenetrable defence as a mighty Earthguard

  • Sorceresses - Masters of the elements they are one of the most deadliest Soulkeepers with the Firemage harnessing destructive flame attacks and the Icemage using her powers to freeze, hinder and control opponents

  • Necromancers - These powerful spell casters¬†are capable of using a wide variety of unholy powers. They can become Tormentors able to use curses that damage over time or Reapers focused on melee combat.


There are a wide variety of dungeons that players can discover in the game and explore them either on their own or with companions in search of glory and gain. There are three different types of Dungeon players will come across:

  • Solo Dungeons - ideal for when players have no friends or Guild mates online these environments are geared towards single players and offer a skilled yet still challenging battle

  • Party Dungeons - requiring teamwork and group cooperation to overcome greater challenges, the enemies, environmental traps and bosses are much greater and stronger, but offer much more powerful rewards and gear drops

  • Infinity Dungeon - exciting dungeons that are generated randomly each time a player enters meaning there previous experiences and strategy may not without the same, combined with the ability to choose the difficulty of the Dungeon these locations offer the greatest challenge.


  • Operating System: Windows XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8/8.1

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo

  • Memory: 1GB

  • Hard Drive Space: 20GB

  • Graphics: GeForce 6600 or equivalent

  • DirectX: 9.0c

GAME TYPE: Free to play MMORPG

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