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Sparkplay Media today announced the Open Beta launch of Earth Eternal, a new, browser-based MMO set in a fantasy universe. Combining real-world history, legend, and myth with original creations, Earth Eternal delivers a rich MMO experience without the burden of a mandatory subscription. Truly free to play, players can enjoy the entire world without paying any fees.

"With Earth Eternal, we’re raising the bar for browser-based MMOs, while simultaneously lowering the barriers to entry," said Matt Mihaly, CEO and founder, Sparkplay Media. "We’ve stripped away roadblocks like subscription fees and massive downloads that discourage many people from playing MMO games. At the same time, people are going to be surprised by the sophistication and depth we’re offering in a free-to-play game that runs in the browser.”

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Featuring deep, original content, Earth Eternal has a 3D graphical look and feel that is more typical of top tier downloadable MMOs. The game takes place in an expansive world where players will encounter everything from verdant valleys to desert oases to dark, corrupted forests to major cities like Camelot and Heartwood, the tree city. While Earth Eternal is a true browser-based 3D MMO, Sparkplay Media will also offer an optional download. The gameplay experience will be the same whether in the browser or via the downloadable client.

No rookie when it comes to micro-transactions, Matt Mihaly originally devised the idea of selling virtual goods in games for real world money while running text MUD Achaea back in 1997. This experience was put to use building Earth Eternal’s robust virtual economy. Players can purchase, for real world currency, various cosmetic and functional advantages, including backpacks for increased inventory, ability points, charms and new gear for their character. Everything that can be purchased can also be earned by playing the game, so there are no limits to what players can achieve in the game, whether they pay or not. What’s more, players will be able to trade purchased game currency (credits) for currency earned in game (gold/silver/copper) with other players in an online marketplace.

Earth Eternal offers players a highly personalized approach to character building. At launch, players will have 22 different character races from which to choose, including the bear-like Ursine, hawk-like Atavians and the mechanical Clockwork. Players can also select from four classes – Knight, Rogue, Mage, and Druid. Unlike most MMOs however, players are not limited to skills and spells from a particular class. They can select abilities from other classes as well, allowing players to either go deep or broad in their character builds.

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