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Dynastica Ltd.




Dynastica is a free to play 3D real time strategy game set in an exciting fantasy world where you have to become the heir of a nation in its cradle. Starting off with selected experience and skills derived from your ancestors and a few backwater villages, your mission is to build up your nation with military power, diplomatic skills and clever trading strategies. Use your religious and magical powers to further strengthen your nation in a fierce challenge with more than 50 online opponents that all strive for the same goal: world dominion.


  • Up to 50 players in each world

  • Real-time game rounds that last for 1-2 months

  • Runs in all major browsers on Windows without installation

  • No plugins required (except for Java)

  • Adjustable graphics quality

  • Skills graph with four paths of progression: war, trade, religion and magic.

  • Alliance play with diplomacy

  • Social gameplay with map-integrated chat

  • Embeddable and shareable battle replays in Flash

  • Competitive mode with small alliances

  • Big war mode with four coalitions

  • Individual mode


In each new game you represent an heir of your dynasty and form an alliance with 5 friends competing for world dominion against 10 other alliances. Each game round last about 1 to 2 months during which you can explore a vast set of skills in warfare, magic, religion and trade.

Excel and advance your nation by cooperating in alliances with online friends. Successful alliances are the ones that combine players with different set of skills and to set these up you need a deep understanding of both your friends and foes. Reach this understanding by exploring the world and communicating intelligence online with your allies. Develop your unique combination of skills from the four areas of expertise warfare, religion, magic and trade. Explore your skills freely according to your liking, but remember that they will be carried on to your heirs.
A solo game mode gives players much more freedom to play the game their way. There are no fixed alliances and players have to form their own strategic liaisons with diplomacy. As in alliance mode, each game starts with a five day peace but after the initial truce you are on your own and get hurled into a state of war with all other players. You can start signing peace treaties as soon as the truce ends. If you choose to break a peace treaty and declare war again, diplomats will squabble for two days until the treaty is broken. Peace, on the other hand, is instantaneous when both parties agree.


Dynastica is a multi platform game. You can play it on your computer as a browser game with Direct X or as pc download game, or on the go with an iPhone or Android smart phone.


Internet connection

Website: Dynastica (Shut Down)

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Dynastica (Shut Down) game

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