Duty of Sentinel Enters Closed Beta

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Duty of Sentinel Studios officially started closed beta testing for their upcoming strategic and turn-based auto-battle card game, Duty od Sentinel. Potential testers may register for this browser-based title via the official website or by connecting with Facebook.

"Duty of Sentinel is a browser-based game that promises console quality gaming experience," said Alex, the cofounder of Duty of Sentinel Studios. "We think players will be impressed by what we have done."

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Duty of Sentinel lets players choose from hundreds of unique heroes that, in combination with the game's rich and creative systems, allows for unlimited ways to play and tremedously increases the unpredictability of adventures. A wide range of team-building and hero-cultivation strategies results in the opportunity of completely different hero evolvement, even if players start out with the very same main hero in the beginning. They are free to approach the game the way they like and can create their own adventure stories.

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Additional heroes can be recruited by luring, bribing or threatening them while Soulfusing enables players to rivive fallen heros when having the required resources at hand. For those who are rather short of time, there's the Auto Mop-up feature to obtain materials, weapons and even heroes without the necessity of actively palying the game. And there are loads of other things in the game waiting for players to explore.

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Source of information: Duty of Sentinel Studios press releases.


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