Dungeons & Dragons Online unveils a new Dungeon

Turbine has published some new screenshots from Shadowfell Conspiracy the upcoming expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online. These new screenshots unveil a new dungeon named A Lesson in Deception.

Someone is trying to unite all of the criminals of Wheloon and achieve unrivaled power. Travel through the twisting back alleys of this dangerous prison city, pose as a new recruit, and discover the hidden mastermind behind this newly-unified gang.

D&D deception RW1 D&D deception RW2 D&D deception RW3 D&D deception RW5 D&D deception RW6 D&D deception RW7 D&D deception RW8 D&D deception RW9 D&D deception RW10 D&D deception RW11

Source of informations: Turbine press release.


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