Dungeons & Dragons Online has revealed a new class, the druid

Turbine has revealed today a new class for Dungeons & Dragons Online, the Druid, which will be added to the game when the first-ever expansion for DDO, Menace of the Underdark, launches on June 25th.

The Druid, will be available as a premium playable class. The class is proficient with staves, daggers, clubs, sickles, and more; the Druid is a powerful caster who is able to fill a variety of party roles.Take the Druidic oath and get closer to nature. Shed your heavy metal armor in exchange for resistance to the harsh aspects of nature like entanglement, poison, and other natural dangers.

Harness animal instincts to transform yourself into a vicious Winter Wolf, or defend allies as sturdy Dire Bear. Expand your physical limitations and rain down lighting as the Water Elemental, or incinerate the foes of nature as the Fire Elemental. Each wild shape has its own specialized set of spells to cast.

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