Dungeon Bandits Fact Sheet

Dungeon Bandits, the North American and Australian counterpart to Europe’s Dungeon Party, will be published by PlayEnvy, a service of Nvinium Games. Scheduled to release in March of 2010, PlayEnvy is introducing new, more dynamic content to a game that has already been enjoyed by thousands of European gamers.

Improved Character Control
PlayEnvy has introduced keyboard movement controls for characters, in addition to the previous movement by point and click.

New Camera Control
Dungeon Bandits will allow players more camera control which includes the ability to rotate 360 degrees around the character. Up close 3rd person perspective is also now possible, allowing players to get into the feel of combat like never before.

Guild System
Players may form small guilds called Noob Herds which allow players to easily for tournament games and compete for herd rankings.

7 Playable Characters
Wizard, Thief, Executioner, Bard, Amazon, Horsewoman, and Engineer.

Characters are easily customized to the player’s personality through loads of well designed costumes, armor, weapons, accessories, and facial features. Players can build a truly unique character.

Useful skill sets
13 skills from 3 schools can be earned for each character, all of which are highly useful in combat. Characters use up to 5 skills in a given match, this allows strategic combination potential as not all players in the same call will be fighting with identical skill set ups.

Mini Challenges
In addition to the already fast action combat of the dungeons, games can get a bit more interesting once the room turns upside down or if the lights go off.

Custom Maps
The Map Editor allows players to contribute content to the game by designing challenging dungeons of their own and share them with the player community.

Engaging Events
Friendly team of GMs moderate an aggressive event schedule that rewards players for their accomplishments. Tournaments, challenges, and other events will occur daily from the PlayEnvy team.

Ongoing Improvements
Cyanide and PlayEnvy are committed to bringing new and improved content to Dungeon Bandits. Players can expect regular content updates which will add new systems and dynamics to the game.

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