Drift City has started a server transfer from the SevenGames European service to GameCampus.com

GamesCampus.com has started today the server transfers from the SevenGames European service for the fast-paced racing MMORPG hybrid, Drift City. All SevenGames players have been invited to transfer their characters from the SevenGames servers where all their progress will be retained. Transfer applications will be open until August 31st, and old and new will be greeted with contests, giveaways, and special offers.

Drift City is a unique driving game that is part role-playing game and part racing game.  It offers both mission modes and multi-player racing modes incorporated with cell-shaded style graphics for a unique racing experience.  Players can choose their vehicles, modify and customize the design,and upgrade the performance of their vehicles.

"Drift City was a great addition to the GamesCampus portal in 2010 so we are excited to bring over more players to the Drift City GamesCampus community with the addition of the SevenGames players," said Chris Ahn, Business Development Specialist at GamesCampus. "Our Transfer to Win program allows players currently on the SevenGames servers to retain their full account, but we are also offering prizes to existing GamesCampus players and new players as well so the transfer is a huge win-win for the whole community."

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